Bobby Moreno


Robert L Moreno
17 Apr 1954 - 1 Dec 1995
Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus


From Karl Jaeckel:
I was close with Bobby Moreno … He was a very kind-hearted person. We shared a house together for six months in 1984. Although soft-spoken, he had a big heart, and he cared genuinely about the people in his life. Early Rainbeaus remember him for making duck-quacking sounds during class. It was sort of a cute thing, done at appropriate times. My bedroom in the house that we rented was always cold, and so, to make it more comfortable for me, he bought and gave me a space heater, and I still have it. I have wondered when he died and am sorry now that I wasn’t in touch with him during his final illness. We had some good and long heart-to-heart conversations.