Chi-Town SheDevils

some well-weathered SheDevils

The Chi-Town SheDevils are (were?) a semi-official drag appendage of Chi-Town Squares.

They are known for their bright outfits, big hair, and garish makeup.

Two SheDevils have won the crown as Honky Tonk Queen: Layona Davenport and Lois Carmen D'Nominator.

SheDevil names

All SheDevils had drag names beginning with the letter "L".

Lyla Kay Rug
Lochmae Indaklosit
Layona Davenport - Brad Scott
Lynn Guini
Lana Claire Day
Leia Ontopomee
LuDanne L'Sivias
Landa Cotton
Leda Horstawater - Steve Wellman?
Lucinda Saddle
Laverna Equinox
Laorta Lynne Farction
Liz Callitoff
Laurel Anne Hardy
Lil Biddydick - Jack Donatelli
Lucy Anna Purchase - Dana Mee
Lois Carmen D'Nominator - Mike Blizzard
LaBella DaBall
LoAnn Behold
Lotta Reckonwith
Lurelean Cuisine
La'More La'Merrier