David Draper

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David Frederick Draper
28 Apr 1948 - 14 Sep 2021
Bathing Beauties
The Christmas Belles
Midnight Squares
Western Star Dancers

Received 10 Year Medallion at Make Magic in 2001

I am very sad to report that our friend David F. Draper passed away yesterday at Kaiser Hospital, San Francisco.
For a look at some of his professional skills check out www.davidfdraper.com . For his creative and personal skills... remember the Quarter Queens, the Bubble Headed Bimbos, and any number of Halloween nights!
Ron Goodman and Tony Loncich helped David in his final days and deserve much thanks. As plans develop for celebrating his life, we will post them on Facebook and on his website.
Galen Workman

So sorry to lose David. Many, many good times to remember and cherish, both in SF and at all the many square dance conventions.
Hollis Greenwood

David was a brilliant collaborator and a dear, dear man. I first saw his gorgeous costume designs in an Edward Albee play at ACT, and thought, “I can only hope to work with a man of that talent.” My buddy Galen Workman put us in touch and three years later he designed for me PRESENT LAUGHTER, a Broadway quality set of costumes - absolutely sumptuous. He also designed THE BOY FROM OZ, THE NORMAL HEART, ACTION HERO, RADICAL and SISTER ACT for me and Theatre Rhino. Each design a different period, historical moment and feel, and each perfectly realized. He could also sit in an audience, watch a runthrough, and give me spot on feedback on a production; a feat few designers can or want to do. He was a delight to hang with, a joy to create with, and a kind, kind, generous soul. Endless love to you, Darling David. I will think if you every time I put on a dressing gown or see a nun’s habit for you truly were a gentleman and a saint.
John Fisher

He was quite a character during the years I knew him as a wry-tongued square dancer. I had seen his recent posts about selling some furniture, but didn't realize WHY he was selling it. Very saddened.
Bill Eyler

OMG I am so sad to hear the news. I last spent time with him at Harlan Kerr 's birthday party a couple of years ago. Have many memories of David. RIP
Steve Anderson

Oh no, such a lovely man. RIP David.
Anne Uebelacker