Hank Stack


Henry Leo Stack
18 Aug 1917 - 31 Jul 2002
Rosetown Ramblers

Hank was a Portland OR sign language interpreter on KGW TV for over 30 years (one of the first in the country.)
He co-wrote a handbook on sign language for square dance calls. File:Signed calls.pdf


Henry "Hank" Stack, who signed the morning news on KGW Newschannel 8 for 31 years, taught American Sign Language at Portland Community College, and was one of the founders of Northwest Theatre of the Deaf, died on July 31, 2002, at age 84. He died from complications after heart surgery.

Hank was a talented, patient, kind, generous man who remained active in the community until his hospitalization. He was proud of his work at KGW, and was a fond patron of the Arts, paving the road to accessibility in many Arts organizations. His patronage will be missed by all.[1]



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