Jeff Stiarwalt

Jeff Stiarwalt.jpg

Jeffrey Brian Stiarwalt
04 Jul 1965 - 11 May 2021
Capital City Squares
Foggy City Dancers
Midnight Squares
Prime 8s

Received 10 Year Medallion at Wish Upon A Thar, 2006


It is very sad news. Jeff was a full spirit always there with a smile. He always made people around him feel better.

I will truly miss Jeff.

Now a little history.

I have probably known Jeff longer that most. We go back, I believe, to1986 while he was still in Sacramento. Jeff and I met through our roommates. His roommate was dating my roommate.

Our friendship grew closer as we would run into each other at the bars around Sacramento in the years to come.

I have some friends/neighbors from the country who Jeff was in infatuated with. He had nicknamed Bo and Luke from the Dukes of Hazard.

That nick name has stuck with them since the first night he met them.

When Jeff moved San Francisco we lost contact with each other, however that night at Capital City Squares that our paths crossed again I saw that same personality I knew.

He was the same Jeff I had met years prior.

The first question out of his mouth when he saw me was not "Hey Dennis how have you been," it was "How are Bo and Luke?"

I never let him live that one down. And man we had a lot of laughs over it.

Although Jeff and I were never close friends, more like running mates around town, I will truly miss him.

Jeff, at present I don’t have a smile on my face. We have lost you and your infectious personality and that is so sad, but believe me after I get over the shock and sadness of your loosing you I will once again get a smile on my face when I think and/or talk about you.

Thank you Jeff for coming into my life,
Dennis James