Karl Murray

May 2015 at Death Valley
early or mid 80's in Sacramento
early or mid 80's in Sacramento

Karl Murray
15 Mar 1935 - 1 Apr 2019
Capital City Squares Memorial Panel 4LL


I was so sorry to hear of Karl's passing. Haven't seen him in many a year but I do remember him fondly. Unfortunately I do not have any tangible memorabilia of his time with Capital City Squares. I can only share a remembrance -- Karl was the caller for CCS when I joined the club in 1983. There were only 3 women dancing with the group at that time. Karl was a great teacher, and when I went to my 1st actual dance he partnered me for 1 tip. Imagine me at 5 foot even and him at (it seemed like) 6 foot 2. He was so enthusiastic when we were dancing that at one point he swung me into another square and had to come rescue me -- laughing all the while. That was over 35 years ago, but still gives me a laugh today when I think of it.

Sincerely, Mary Jo Semmelmayer, member Capital City Squares, August 2019

There’s no major "punch-line” or earth-shattering news of importance, just some stuff we remember.

At the first DC convention [Stars & Squares Forever 1994] Bill says we had a very nice dinner/evening with Karl and David [Thomas] someplace away from the hotel -- but we can’t remember any other details than that. This was when they were living in DC after having been in Sacramento.

Another time, they were in Sacramento visiting friends, who hosted a very nice afternoon gathering in a lovely home in Fair Oaks -- we’d never met nor scene since those hosts. It was for their local friends and very few if any other square dancers were there. We think this was while they were still living in DC.

When they lived in downtown Sacramento, Karl would call in their backyard -- we danced on Thursday nights. Often I would be hauling my ass back from being in Fresno on business, would usually arrive late, still in my tie and nice clothes. Karl would welcome me and help me get caught-up and bring my up to speed -- I always really appreciated that.

And that is pretty much our stories -- sorry we can’t add more. But Karl was a great teacher and a fine man -- we were all lucky to have had him as well as having known him.

Michael Foft and William "Bill" McCrory, Sacramento, April 2019.

Thank You for the letting me know, I hold fond memories of my dancing days under Karl’s direction.

Hugs, John Feliz, former member Capital City Squares, Sacramento, April 2019