Kevin Andersen


Kevin Andersen
05 Oct 1965 - ?? Dec 2020
Suncoast Squares
Minnesota Wild Roses
Received 10 Year Medallion at Weave Your Heart in San Francisco, 2013


Rest in Peace - Kevin Andersen... you will be greatly missed... Kevin had danced in Minnesota and attended many IAGSDC conventions. He last lived in Apache Junction, AZ
David J. Lent

Kevin was a sweet man. He belonged to Suncoast Squares, but never danced with us in Florida, just at convention. He paid his club dues three years in advance, so that he wouldn't forget.
Dan Mutschler

RIP Kevin Andersen. I remember Kevin very well from the IAGSDC conventions.
Danny Miller

I'm terribly sorry to hear this. He was such a warm, caring, and friendly guy. Always had a smile and a hug to share whenever we met up at conventions.
Michael Levy