Midnite Ramblers


Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Started: 1985

Admitted to IAGSDC: 26 May 1985 as Full Member

Status: Folded, ????

History: Members were members of Arizona Gay Rodeo Association. Founding members were Larry Gunter, Kenny Cunitz, Kim Preston, Ed Walraven, Michael Cooney, Randy Sellars.
From the Program Book of the 3rd IAGSDC Convention, held in San Francisco in 1986:
The Arizona Gay Rodeo Association Midnite Ramblers of Phoenix have been in existence since September 1985, and are known for their high-energy square dancing. In addition to handling instruction for Basic, Mainstream and Plus classes, the performance team has done exhibitions at such events as the Golden State Gay Rodeo, Colorado Gay Rodeo, Albuquerque Balloon Festival, Palm Springs Desert AIDS Benefit and numerous locations throughout Phoenix and Tucson.


Club Caller[s]: Used tapes.


Dance Location[s]:

Fly-Ins Hosted:

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