Ron Smith


Ron Smith

Wilde Bunch Memorial Panel 2LR
Sun Coast Wranglers
Attended GCA Caller School in 1993

Sun Coast Wranglers in 1993, was short-lived club in the Tampa area. Ron was the caller/instructor for the group. He was formerly from Albuquerque.


Bill Eyler:
The Ron Smith I knew only lived in Albuquerque, then Tampa in the time I knew him. Formerly a ballet dancer, he was in my WB class that started September 1983. He was part of our Flying Squares performance team for a time, helping tighten up our choreography.

I don't remember all the details, but sometime in the late 80s, he moved to the Tampa area and was very involved in MCC there. I believe he was a church musician. At some point, he wanted to start a square dance group and had some success as a leader/instructor. I knew he became ill at some point and passed away. It must have been not that long after the Seattle '93 convention, but again other than us talking on the phone about club formation several times, and how to find a caller for their group, we weren't super close.