Sequoia Ocean Waves


Location: Eureka, CA, USA

Started: 1989

Admitted to IAGSDC: 01 Jul 1989 as Full Member

Status: Folded, 1999

History: Founded by Lyn Platten and Mary Ann Murphy

From the Program Book of the 8th IAGSDC Convention, held in Miami, FL in 1991:
The Sequoia Oceanwaves was formed when Mary Ann Murphy from Capitol City Squares and Lyn Platten from El Camino Reeiers moved to Eureka, Ca. When we first started, the community here was very divided, and we couldn't make contact with any men. So our first year was all women. This year we are proud to announce that we now have four men who dance with us. We are hoping to expand next year to include both more men as well as women. We currently have two squares and dance on Monday nights in the Women's Center on Humbolt State University Campus. Next year, if we are lucky, we may have to move off campus, because the room we are currently dancing in only has room for two squares. However, finding a cheap place to dance might be difficult because we historically charge nothing to dance, due to the fact that most of our dancers are students and do not have a lot of money to spend on recreation,


Club Caller[s]: Lyn Platten

Levels: Mainstream

Dance Location[s]:

Fly-Ins Hosted:

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