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*[[Lynette Bellini]]
*[[Lynette Bellini]]
*[[Linda Kendall]]
*[[Linda Kendall]]
*[[Clark Baker]]
*[[Barry Clasper]]
*[[Todd Fellegy]]
*[[Ett McAtee]]

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Currently held over President's Day Weekend in February and hosted by the LGBT Square Dancing Club of Washington, DC --DC Lambda Squares-- ACDC is the premier Advanced and Challenge Square Dancing weekend on the East Coast. Dancing is offered from Advanced levels through C4. Dancers can always count on having a good time while testing their dancing skills!

ACDC started in 2000 and has been held every year except 2009 (due to a focus by the hosting club on the IAGSDC 2009 Convention.) In the first year ACDC had 65 very enthusiastic dancers attend and has doubled in attendance since then, with two squares of C4 being the norm. Showcasing local, regional, national, international and GCA Callers, ACDC has always focused on hiring outstanding callers including: Clark Baker, Lynette Bellini, Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Barry Clasper, Todd Fellegy, Rob French, Betsy Gotta, Ross Howell, Mike Jacobs, Geo Jedlicka, Linda Kendall, John Marshall, Ett McAtee, Ben Rubright, CJ Smith, John Sybalsky, Anne Uebelacker, and Dave Wilson. With the likes of those callers, you never know what you might get. Still talked about is the hour of barstool square dancing called by none other than Barry Clasper from Canada!

The ACDC committed has always worked very hard to ensure our dancers leave pleased by their experience. Feedback is often solicited from the attendees. One participant wrote on their survey: “Thanks so much for putting this on. It changed my life!” True story! But most simply write: “Great Fly-in! Thanks!”

The typical ACDC fly-in starts around 7 or 7:30 on Friday, runs all day Saturday and ends early afternoon on Sunday. After the TNP sessions on Saturday afternoon, after dinner with friends --new and old-- the last hour Saturday evening is a relaxed hour of Advanced with everyone who still has energy dancing, including the callers! Scheduling the fly-in over the long weekend gives the dancers time to wind down after an energetic and challenging weekend. But before everyone goes their separate ways, there is a “cast party” for all where the dancers and callers can relax over lunch. There, the talk usually ends up in a passionate but friendly discussion of what the definition really means.

In the beginning ACDC, was held in a downtown Washington hotel. For the past several years however, dancing has been held at The Almas Temple of Shriners fame. The Brothers are very supportive and helpful. This year, 2010 with two feet of snow in DC, the federal government ground to a halt, and after the Temple cancelling an event for their own members, ACDC went on! Callers John Marshall and Ross Howell added the cerebral element for the weekend, while twins Anne & Sandie added the party-like atmosphere. Even with DC buried in snow, only a handful of cancellations occurred – such is the dedication of an ACDC dancer!

The ACDC web site can be found here.

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