Andy Shore

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Andy Shore's official web page can be found at

Andy began square dancing as a member of El Camino Reelers 3rd square dance class in the Fall of 1986, and attended his first IAGSDC convention Explode The Rose in 1987. Shortly thereafter, he was invited to join the Gold Rush performance team based in San Francisco. He danced for many years with El Camino Reelers, Foggy City Dancers, Midnight Squares, Stanford Quads, and Top Cats.

By 1989, Andy had tried calling some singing calls for Gold Rush and at club record nights for El Camino Reelers and Foggy City Dancers. Andy attended the first GCA Caller School in New York in 1989, and called his first convention "tip" at Peel The Apple in New York. Andy was also one of several callers for the Foggy City Performance Team using complex, well-rehearsed choreography by Steve Browning.

In 1991, Andy became club caller for El Camino Reelers in Palo Alto, CA., and taught Basic, Mainstream, and Plus classes for them until he moved away in 2004. In 1992, Andy started teaching Basic and Mainstream for Foggy City Dancers in San Francisco, again serving in that role until 2004. Andy also taught Advanced and C1 classes for El Camino Reelers and Midnight Squares. In 2004, Andy moved to South Florida where he taught beginners classes for the South Florida Mustangs for a couple of years.

In 2005, Andy discovered the joys of contra dancing and attended his first GLBT "gender-role free" contra dancing camp in the May. In August 2007 Andy attended a contra callers' school and by Fall 2007, Andy was calling contras too.

Andy has been on staff of 5 IAGSDC conventions: Diamonds In The Desert Albuquerque 1992, Stars, Thars & Cable Cars SF 1996, Anchors Aweigh With a Half-Sashay San Diego 2003, Remake The Heatwave Phoenix 2004, and Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy Santa Clara 2005. Andy is also a caller coach and has been on the staff of GCA Caller Schools, Rhythm Records Caller School, and the Northeast Caller School.

Andy is a member of CALLERLAB and is a past president of the Gay Callers Association. Andy serves on the board of Lavender Country and Folk Dancers (LCFD), which joined the IAGSDC as an affiliate member in 2010.

In 2002, Andy received the Golden Boot Award from Betsy Gotta, and in 2003 he passed it on to Rick Hawes.

A partial list of Fly-Ins and events Andy has called:

  • South Florida Mustangs Fly-In, Fort Lauderdale, 199?
  • Geoduck Fly-In, Puddletown Squares, Seattle, (with Ett McAtee) 199?
  • San Antonio Fly-In, Alamo City Wranglers, San Antonio (with Mike Desisto) 199?
  • Pink Triangles in Red Square Russia and Latvia, 1993
  • Slide Thru Silicon Valley, El Camino Reelers, Palo Alto, 1995 (with Mike Jacobs and Deborah Parnell)
  • Pass the Sea, Finest City Squares, San Diego 1996
  • Pink Triangles Down Under Australia, 1996
  • Peel Off in the Sierras II 8/1996 (with Paul Waters)
  • Tin and Aluminium, Squares Across the Boarder, Vancouver 1997 (with Ray Brendzy)
  • Peel Off in Palm Springs 1997 (with Ron Mascar)
  • Ropin' the River, Grand River Squares, Grand Rapids 1998
  • USA West, SF, 1998
  • Stumptown Stomp, Capital City Squares, Guerneville, 4/1999 (with Eric Henerlau)
  • CA State Convention, Sacramento, 1999
  • ASDSC, Grass Valley CA, 1999 (with Michael Kellogg)
  • Load the Boat, Cleveland City Country Dancers, Cleveland, 1999 (with Don St. Jean)
  • 49th Nationals, Baltimore 6/2000
  • Detroit Fly-In, Cadillac Squares, 2000
  • Harper's Ferry Hoedown, DC Lambda Squares, 2000 (with Betsy Gotta and Warren Jacquith)
  • Pass the Sea, Finest City Squares, San Diego, 2001
  • 50th Nationals, Anaheim 6/2001
  • Carolina Moondance, Raleighwood Squares, Raleigh NC, 2001
  • Scares & Squares, Rosetown Ramblers, Portland, 2001 (with Anne Uebelacker and Sandie Bryant)
  • CA State Convention, Ventura, 2002
  • Peel Off in Palm Springs, 2002 (with Bill Eyler)
  • 51st Nationals, St. Paul, 2002
  • GCA Caller School staff, Toronto, 2002
  • CA state fair, 2002
  • Zoom to the Beach, Shoreline Squares, Long Beach, 2002 (with Anne Uebelacker and Betsy Gotta)
  • CA State Convention, Long Beach, 2003
  • GCA Caller School staff, San Diego, 2003
  • Rhythm Records Caller School staff, 7/2003
  • Bloomin' Squares, Pasadena, 7/2003
  • Foggy City Dancers Fly-In, San Francisco, 9/2003 (with Pat Carnathan and Michael Kellogg)
  • Load the Boat, Cleveland City Country Dancers, Cleveland, 10/2003 (with Bill Eyler)
  • Hotlanta Fly-In, Atlanta, 1/2004 (with Gary Monday and JR St. Jean)
  • CA State Convention, Sacramento, 4/2004
  • Peel Off in Palm Springs, 5/2004
  • 53rd Nationals, Denver, 6/2004
  • Denver Gay Pride, 6/2004 (with Bill Eyler)
  • Scares & Squares, Rosetown Ramblers, Portland, 10/2004 (with Deborah Carroll-Jones)
  • Swing Thru AZ, Desert Valley Squares, Phoenix, 1/2005 (with Bill Eyler)
  • Pass the Sea, Finest City Squares, San Diego, 4/2005 (with Tim Crawford and Marty Dee)
  • Ropin' the River, Grand River, Squares, Grand Rapids, 4/2004 (with Gary Monday)
  • Pass the Ocean Hon, Chesapeake Squares, Rehoboth, 4/2005 (with Mike Jacobs, Betsy Gotta, and Dayle Hodge)
  • 54th Nationals, Portland 6/2005
  • 55th Nationals, San Antonio, 6/2006
  • Northeast Caller School staff, 10/2006 (with Ken Ritucci, Norm Poisson, and Ed Foote)
  • Peel The Pumpkin, Times Squares, 10/2006 (with Betsy Gotta and Tom Miller)
  • Palm Springs Pride, Boots in Squares, Palm Springs, 11/2006
  • Peel Off in Palm Springs, Palm Springs, 4/2007 (with Bill Eyler)
  • DC AndyRama, DC Lambda Squares, Washington, 9/2007
  • SCVSDA Jubilee, 10/2007
  • Rain Festival, Puddletown Squares, Seattle, 3/2008
  • Philadelphia Fly-In, Independence Squares, Poconoes, 3/2008 (with Anne Uebelacker and Dayle Hodge)
  • Stumptown Stomp, Capital City Squares, Guerneville, 4/2008 (with Tim Crawford)
  • Make Waves for Ducklings, Boston Uncommons, Boston, 9/2008 (with Sandie Bryant)
  • Harvest Festival Hoedown, DC Lambda Squares, Shepherdstown, 11/2008 (with Anne Uebelacker, Ett McAtee, and Dayle Hodge)
  • 58th Nationals, Long Beach, 6/2009
  • ECR@25!, El Camino Reelers, San Jose, 4/2010 (with Sandie Bryant, Michael Kellogg, Rich Reel, and Harlan Kerr)

Andy also calls contra dances in South Florida, and around the country for various queer contra groups.