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Recollection-1999 Fun Badge Tour

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Ben~Andy Hein <> wrote: Guerilla Square Dancing.....

Why do I suddenly have images of Tami wading in the City Center Fountain at Portland 1998 dancing in my head? So not a pretty image, shudder!

I'll tag in on the idea of FBT permits: Hardest permit for LA - The BEACH! Yep, the Mgr of Beaches [as opposed to...well, never mind] was paranoid that I'd be hunkering down with 7 buses and not LEAVE when I said I would [ie, almost immediately]. Only the fact that she knew the head of Security for UCLA and that lovely lady told her that we were going to be on campus for BREAKFAST got that clearance. Well, that and her assistant was a sister and she was out sick.

Easiest permit? Well, it helped that Jackie Goldberg [author of CA's Domestic Partner legislation] was then a LA City Councilwoman and her district was Hollywood including the part we wanted to close, Hwd Blvd in front of Grauman's Chinese. Slam Dunk. The only difficulty was the police, fire, bus, highway patrol and ambulance services all getting notice of a closure on the Monday holiday of a long weekend the Thursday afternoon before and making frantic phone calls to me to find out "how long" we'd be closing it. The permit said we could close it from Midnight to Midnight.

Hardest to actually "Pin Down"? That would be Warner Bros Studio back lot [Western Street] because studios are in the business of renting space and we were looking for free or reduced price usage. The Wednesday before convention [read already sleep deprived], I was sitting in the Lot Mgr's office trying to pay the reduced price and really not hearing that I shouldn't pay it until I got an invoice. I did eventually hear that and never did end up writing that check. The credit for finding that location goes to Jonathan Wright, who was in the hospital, but is relentless on the phone. Aren't 'cha glad we really weren't heading toward Forest Lawn for that stop?

If this is quoted, I will deny it all and the statute of limitations has run out for all infractions mention or even hinted at.

Ben~Andy FBT - LA '99