Chi-Town Shakedown

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27th annual IAGSDC convention

July 1-4, 2010 in Chicago, IL hosted by Chi-Town Squares

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Location: Chicago, IL

Host hotel/venues: Hilton Chicago (link)

Dates: July 1-4, 2010

Convention committee title: Fruit Cup, NFP

Hosting club(s): Chi-Town Squares

Convention committee members: John Glover, Rob Sierzega, Gary Lange, Michael Pemberton, Fester Hugunine

Calling staff: Lynette Bellini, Sandie Bryant, Vic Ceder, Barry Clasper, Mike DeSisto, Todd Fellegy, Dayle Hodge, Ross Howell, Michael Kellogg, John Marshall, Nick Martellacci, Anne Uebelacker, Bob Asp, Curt Braffet

Sound staff:

Vendor list: Gloria's Stained Glass, Eyecatchers Jewelry, The Badge Works, Footmatters, Shel-Don Custom Leathers

Fun Badge Tour stops and highlights: Northerly Island (formerly Meigs Field) with views of Burnham Harbor and Northerly Island Prairie; North Halsted Street and the Center on Halsted; Hollywood Beach; Humboldt Park with its fabulous boat house and lagoon

Pre/Post convention events & tours:

Notable Notes and Highlights:

IAGSDC officers:

IAGSDC meeting notes:

Registration statistics:

Attending clubs:

Honky Tonk Queen winner (etc): Ima Cornholer

Golden Boot Award: presented to John Faulds by Bob Young

10 year medallion recipients:

20 year medallion recipients:


Chi-Town Shakedown Lowdown Issue 1 - July/August 2009 PDF
Chi-Town Shakedown Lowdown Issue 2 - November 2009 PDF
Chi-Town Shakedown Lowdown Issue 3 - January 2010 PDF
Chi-Town Shakedown Lowdown Issue 4 - March 2010 PDF
Chi-Town Shakedown Lowdown Issue 5 - April 2010 PDF
Chi-Town Shakedown Lowdown Issue 6 - June 2010 PDF
Chi-Town Shakedown Lowdown Issue 7 - August 2010 PDF

Ephemera and Swag

convention swag

Convention Program Booklet PDF

Convention Tour Booklet PDF

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