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'''Convention committee title:'''
'''Convention committee title:'''
'''Convention committee members:''' [[Cornell Trouw]], [[Paul Kilgore]], co-chairs; [[Cheryl Dumoit]], [[Rick Hawes]], [[Robert Hodge]], Jessica Laskford]], Dennis Lundahl]], [[Larry Murchison]], [[Mike Seyfrit]], [[Kevin thomas]]  
'''Convention committee members:''' [[Cornell Trouw]], [[Paul Kilgore]], co-chairs; [[Cheryl Dumoit]], [[Rick Hawes]], [[Robert Hodge]], [[Jessica Laskford]], [[Dennis Lundahl]], [[Larry Murchison]], [[Mike Seyfrit]], [[Kevin thomas]]  
'''Calling staff:'''  
'''Calling staff:'''  

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1987 Portland Explode the Rose.jpg

4th Annual IAGSDC convention

Dates: 03-05 Jul 1987

Location: Portland, OR, USA

Host hotel/venues: Hilton Hotel, Downtown Portland

Hosting club(s): Rosetown Ramblers

Convention committee title:

Convention committee members: Cornell Trouw, Paul Kilgore, co-chairs; Cheryl Dumoit, Rick Hawes, Robert Hodge, Jessica Laskford, Dennis Lundahl, Larry Murchison, Mike Seyfrit, Kevin thomas

Calling staff:

Sound staff:

Vendor list:

Fun Badge Tour stops and highlights:

  • Council Crest
  • Mount Rabar
  • Cathedral Park
  • Pittock Mansion
  • Pioneer Courthouse Square

Pre/Post convention events & tours:

Notable Notes and Highlights:

  • The convention's "signature call" Explode The Rose was defined as follows: from a beginning Double Pass Thru Formation,
Double Pass Thru >> Cloverleaf >> Zoom

IAGSDC officers:

IAGSDC meeting notes:

Total individual membership was noted as

Attendance: 578

Attending clubs:

Honky Tonk Queen winner: Sybil

Golden Boot Award: presented to Scott Carey by Dave "Happy" New Year

External Links: