Greg Friel

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Gregory P Friel
23 Dec 1953 - 17 Mar 2020
Midnight Squares
Capital City Squares
Prime 8s
Received 10 Year Medallion at Crack The Crab in 2000


Greg Friel died on 3/17/2020. He ended his dancing with Midnight Squares (San Francisco), while starting with Capital City Squares (Sacramento) and progressing to Prime 8's (Sacramento).
- His friend, Jeff Hamilton (Midnight Squares)

My name is Robert and I met Greg on 4/25/1992 at the Capital City fly-in in Guerneville CA. We talked for hours at Fifes and had an immediate connection. It took 2 days for us to fall in love. I mentioned I like cherries and on Monday, at work, came a fedex package full of cherries. What a romantic gesture. I knew by then how much we wanted each other, and we stayed together 28 years. He died in my arms on 3/17/20. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the love we had for each other!
- Robert Adelman