Harlan Kerr

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From the Program Book of the 7th IAGSDC Convention, held in Vancouver, BC in 1990:
Harlan began square dancing in 1983 as one of the founding members of Puddletown Dancers. As first chairperson of the IAGSDC he was an instrumental member of the committee that put together the first convention, "All Join Hands," together, Soon Harlan found himself teaching Advance and Challenge dancing in tape groups. His reputation as a tape leader soon spread throughout the state of Washington and he found himself with several straight as well as gay tape groups. This led to requests for him to teach workshops at I.A.S.G.D.C convention.

When he was asked to teach a Mainstream class, Harlan made the decision to begin calling. Soon he calling thorugh C-s level. He made his debut as a convention caller in Phoenix, and called all levels at the New York convention. Northstar Promenade marks third convention of calling.

Harlan supports and promotes square dancing at all levels and will be making appearance at several fly-ins this year including the Geoduck Jamboree and the First Advance and Challenge Fly0in in Seattle.

  • has been known to call Moonshine, Bear, and Leather Specialty Tips
  • only one other person has had both boots (the Honky Tonk Queen crown and the Golden Boot Award) -- Bob Young -- who, like Harlan, was also a chairman of the IAGSDC
  • has attended every IAGSDC convention to date (2010) and therefore was in the first group to receive 10, 20, and 25 year Medallions