IAGSDC Timeline

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  • ??? Foggy City Squares (Skip Barrett) founded. ???
  • ??? Foggy City Dancers (post-Skip Barrett) founded. ???
  • February 3, 1980: Miami Mustangs (later, "South Florida Mustangs" organized for the purpose of reinstituting and perpetuating "the unique art form of Arky( (of the same sex) Square Dancing."
  • July 30 - August 1, 1982: Reno Gay Rodeo held, at which the concept of a national gay dance organization (including square dancing, clogging, and other forms of C&W dance) is discussed. (program cover at http://gayrodeohistory.org/1982/ProgramReno.htm)
  • March, 1982: Five dancers start Western Star Dancers.
  • August, 1983: Western Star Dancers hits 100 members.
  • ??? 1982-1983 ??? Puddletown dancers is founded.
  • November 12-14, 1982: Charlie's (Country & Western Bar) in Denver, CO hosts the "First National Gay Square Dance Exhibition". Only five out-of-town dancers show up, all from San Francisco (Alan Hall, Paul Zimmerman, Jack Kendrick, Russ King, and Scott Carey). Dave "Happy" New Year called the weekend.
  • February 12-13, 1983: South Florida Mustangs host a weekend of square dancing and touring the local area. (The first Gay Square Dancing fly-in!) Clubs represented by visiting dancers included Puddletown Squares from Seattle, WA, Mile-High Squares from Denver, CO, Western Star Square dancers from San Francisco, CA, and individual dancers from Islip, NY and Prospect, CT.
  • August, 1983: At the Reno Rodeo, discussions are held about forming a national association specifically for gay square dance clubs.
  • September 10, 1983: First monthly communication from Harlan Kerr, chairman of the newly-formed National Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs, outlining the proposed bylaws.
  • November, 1983: Harlan Kerr sends a letter to clubs all over the country asking them to join the National Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs.
  • ??? 1983: Harlan Kerr sends out a letter to the NAGSDC asking to extend membership to the following clubs:
    • Wilde Bunch—Albuquerque
    • Capital City Squares—Sacramento
    • Midnight Squares—San Francisco
    • Sundancers (New Years’ Resolutions)—Palm Springs
    • Lambda Squares—Washington, D.C.
    • Rosetown Ramblers—Portland, Oregon
    • New Year’s Resolutions [—Palm Springs]
    • John Barley Square Dancers—Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • ...and asking the following clubs to become associate members:
    • Foggy City Squares—San Francisco
    • Fistful of Crinolines—Seattle
  • April 6-8, 1984: "All Join Hands" - The First Gay Square Dance Convention - held at the Madison Hotel in Seattle, WA.