Kirk Hurley

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1989 - Kirk would want this photo included
Kirk and Art Cruse on a Convention fun badge tour
Kirk and Pam Clasper just after she'd received her 10-year medallion at DC Diamond Circulatein 2009

Kirk Hurley
8 Feb ???? - 7 Dec 2019
Chesapeake Squares


Pam Clasper
At the San Diego Convention, during the Grand March we passed a pool with a fountain of a dolphin KirkFountain.jpg and Kirk, camera ever at the ready, asked if anyone would climb on the dolphin for a photo. I have long-enough legs so I got on the dolphin for Kirk to take the photo. The next year, in Phoenix, he came to me early in the convention to say he'd found a wonderful piece of statuary to take another photo of me. We did that and so it became a "thing". I don't remember all of the poses I did for him, but I do remember spending a couple of hours in hot muggy Atlanta as he and Rick Hawes took photos of me on various pieces of art. The last one he took was of both Barry and I on an animal (horse?, mule?, camel?) in Salt Lake City. I'll always treasure those times, even though I don't have any of the photos.