LiveJournal Tip

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LiveJournal Tip

The LiveJournal specialty tip (aka the "LJ tip") has been held each year at the IAGSDC convention since 2005.

LiveJournal is an online social networking and blogging site that became popular with in gay square dance, bear, and gay contra communities (among others) in the second half of the first decade of the third millennium (how's that for a time period!).

The 2005 tip was impromptu. It had not been conceived of or scheduled in advance of the convention in Santa Clara, but the idea quickly gelled; a time was selected, a room was found, and a note was posted on the message board as well as on LiveJournal itself. ((link citations would be cool)) Andy Shore called the tip, using the phrase "LJ-cut" as a synonym for Cut the Diamond. He also modified a few lyrics to a singing call on the fly to make it fit the LiveJournal theme of the tip. Approximately 31 LiveJournal members attended the tip.

In 2006 in Anaheim and again in 2007 in Denver, a LiveJournal tip was scheduled. Andy Shore wrote some specialty lyrics for the singing calls.

In 2008 in Cleveland, Ett McAtee called the LiveJournal tip, and in 2009 Ett and Andy shared the calling, with Andy again creating a new specialty singing call.

In 2010 in Chicago, Bill Eyler and Andy shared the calling with both callers providing new lyrics to singing calls. The "theme" of the tip was expanded to "Online Social Communities Affinity Group" to acknowledge the expansion and varieties of online social communities including Facebook, Twitter and others in the IAGSDC family. The 2010 tip was programmed during the dinner hour, and attendance seemed adversely affected.

((note - we need pics, attendee lists and blog citations and links))