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Welcome to our beta testers, the El Camino Reelers!

Welcome to the IAGSDC History Wiki BETA!

Awards...Golden Boot Award, Medallion Project, etc.

Callers...We started with people mentioned in Ten Years IAGSDC. Help us add anyone we're missing!

Clubs...Is your club listed? If not, please add it!

Events...Information on the annual IAGSDC Convention and Fly-Ins.

IAGSDC...This area contains information about "IASGDC-the-organization", such as board membership, organizational structure, and club development.

People...For anyone who's not a caller. (We're not suggesting that callers aren't people, by the way; some people may fit into both categories.) .

Related Organizations & Projects...Non-IAGSDC organizations and projects, such as All Join Hands, Gay Rodeo Associations, CALLERLAB, ContraLAB, ARTS, and others.

Section Editors Discussion Area...For discussions of a IASGDC-wiki-related nature.

Getting Started...If you're working with the 10/25 Project, start here!

What's New ... see what's changed recently.

Are you a Section Editor or are you just curious about how/why somthing here is configured? Please go to the Discussion page to view/add/change/answer configuration questions and items.

If you're a Section Editor...

I'm delegating responsibility for building the logical framework for your section to you. That also includes writing a brief bio about yourself to put into a People entry. (If you're too shy, contact me and I'll write something up for you.)

We still need...

People (other than me) to start editing each the "People" and "Related Organizations and Projects" sections so I can turn my attentions to soliciting, gathering, and editing 10/25 Project interviews.