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|[[Harland Jylha]]||[[Alamo City Wranglers]]||[[3UR]]||||||1924-10-14||2002-01-05
|[[Harland Jylha]]||[[Alamo City Wranglers]]||[[3UR]]||||||1924-10-14||2002-01-05
|[[Kris Anderson]]||[[Big D Longhorns]]||[[3UL]]||||||||
|[[Kris Anderson]]||[[Big D Longhorns]]||[[3UL]]||||||1961-11-29||1991-11-10
|[[Art Knowles|Art (Knowles)]]||[[Bloomin’ Squares]]||[[4LR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||||
|[[Art Knowles|Art (Knowles)]]||[[Bloomin’ Squares]]||[[4LR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||||
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|[[George Madden]]||[[Boots in Squares]]||[[4UR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||||
|[[George Madden]]||[[Boots in Squares]]||[[4UR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||||
|[[Jerry (Miller)]]||[[Boots in Squares]]||[[3LR]]||||||||
|[[Jerry Miller]]||[[Boots in Squares]]||[[3LR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||||
|[[Jerry Miller]]||[[Boots in Squares]]||[[4UR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||||
|[[Jim Edmunds]]||[[Boots in Squares]]||[[4UR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||1937-02-01||2005-04-02
|[[Jim Edmunds]]||[[Boots in Squares]]||[[4UR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||1937-02-01||2005-04-02
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|[[David Cogswell]]||[[Capital City Squares]]||[[1LR]]||||||1962-08-02||1992-09-25
|[[David Cogswell]]||[[Capital City Squares]]||[[1LR]]||||||1962-08-02||1992-09-25
|[[Dean Willis]]||[[Capital City Squares]]||[[4LL]]||||||||
|[[Dean Willis]]||[[Capital City Squares]]||[[4LL]]||||||1942-12-10||2008-09-03
|[[Dore Tanner]]||[[Capital City Squares]]||[[3UL]]||||||1949-10-19||1998-06-27
|[[Dore Tanner]]||[[Capital City Squares]]||[[3UL]]||||||1949-10-19||1998-06-27
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|[[Tom Hoeveler]]||[[Desert Valley Squares]]||[[1LL]]||||||||
|[[Tom Hoeveler]]||[[Desert Valley Squares]]||[[1LL]]||||||||
|[[Dan Seberger]]||[[Diablo Dancers]]||[[4LR]]||[[San Francisco]]||[[2013]]||||
|[[Dan Seberger]]||[[Diablo Dancers]]||[[4LR]]||[[San Francisco]]||[[2013]]||1945-10-12||2012-09-21
|[[Gary Lombardo]]||[[Diablo Dancers]]||[[4LR]]||||||||
|[[Gary Lombardo]]||[[Diablo Dancers]]||[[4LR]]||||||||
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|[[Barbara Pitzer]]||[[Empire Squares]]||[[3UR]]||||||||
|[[Barbara Pitzer]]||[[Empire Squares]]||[[3UR]]||||||||
|[[Stephen Woodfin|Stephen (Woodfin)]]||[[Empire Squares]]||[[3UR]]||||||||
|[[Steve Woodfin|Stephen (Woodfin)]]||[[Empire Squares]]||[[3UR]]||||||1949-06-19||2000-10-16
|[[Michael Deets]]||[[Ettseteras]]||[[2UR]]|||||||1965-09-12||2011-03-02
|[[Michael Deets]]||[[Ettseteras]]||[[2UR]]|||||||1965-09-12||2011-03-02
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|[[Dan Westergard]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1947-04-17||1992-11-14
|[[Dan Westergard]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1947-04-17||1992-11-14
|[[Darrell Duarte]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||
|[[Darrell Duarte]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||1986-10-12
|[[David Thompson]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||||
|[[David Thompson]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||||1986-10-12
|[[Frank Defendis]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||||
|[[Frank DeFendis|Frank Defendis]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||||1993-12-22
|[[Frank Medina]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||
|[[Frank Medina]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||
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|[[Freddie Papapietro]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3LR]]||[[Denver]]||[[2007]]||||
|[[Freddie Papapietro]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3LR]]||[[Denver]]||[[2007]]||||
|[[Garth Gwinn]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||||
|[[Garth Gwinn]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||||1991-03-23
|[[George Gibson]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||||
|[[George Gibson]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||||
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|[[Martin Kahler]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1955-10-26||1995-04-13
|[[Martin Kahler]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1955-10-26||1995-04-13
|[[Martin Upp]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||||
|[[Martin Upp]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||||1992-06-09
|[[Mike Abling]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1956-09-04||1987-03-02
|[[Mike Abling]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1956-09-04||1987-03-02
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|[[Mike Sarfaty]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1952-11-25||1993-01-20
|[[Mike Sarfaty]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1952-11-25||1993-01-20
|[[Patricia Hatlen|Pat(ricia) Hatlen]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||||
|[[Patricia Hatlen|Pat Hatlen]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||||2002-03-08
|[[Patrick Coleman]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1955-08-15||1994-09-09
|[[Patrick Coleman]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1955-08-15||1994-09-09
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|[[Paul Dearborn]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||||
|[[Paul Dearborn]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||||
|[[Peter Brockhoff]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||
|[[Peter Brockhoff]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1958-07-30||2001-02-22
|[[Richard Shaw]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||||
|[[Richard Shaw]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||||
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|[[Tadd Waggoner]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1945-12-28||1993-08-30
|[[Tadd Waggoner]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1945-12-28||1993-08-30
|[[Terry Presley]] ("[[Sybil]]")||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||1952-05-11||2008-04-30
|[[Terry Presley]] ("[[Sybil]]")||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||1951-05-11||2008-04-30
|[[Thomas Cooper]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1955-10-29||1989-02-16
|[[Thomas Cooper]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1955-10-29||1989-02-16
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|[[Tom Gregory]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1944-11-09||1990-04-15
|[[Tom Gregory]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1944-11-09||1990-04-15
|[[Tom Squillante]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||||
|[[Tom Squillante]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||1958-10-06||2007-12-27
|[[Tom Valdez]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3LR]]||[[Denver]]||[[2007]]||||
|[[Tom Valdez]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3LR]]||[[Denver]]||[[2007]]||||
|[[Tommy Gosset]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||||
|[[Tommy Gosset]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||1956-05-30||1991-12-30
|[[Tony Uzzo]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||||
|[[Tony Uzzo]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||||
|[[Victor Victor]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||||
|[[Stephen Victor Curtis|Victor Victor]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[3UR]]||||||1958-01-04||1996-06-29
|[[Wally Medel]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[2UL]]||||||||
|[[Wally Medel]]||[[Foggy City Dancers]]||[[2UL]]||||||1955-05-21||1997-05-04
|[[Colleen Zink]]||[[Gateway Squares]]||[[2LL]]||[[Cleveland]]||[[2008]]||||
|[[Colleen Zink]]||[[Gateway Squares]]||[[2LL]]||[[Cleveland]]||[[2008]]||||
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|[[Tom Maloney]]||[[Gateway Squares]]||[[2LL]]||[[Vancouver]]||[[2012]]||||
|[[Tom Maloney]]||[[Gateway Squares]]||[[2LL]]||[[Vancouver]]||[[2012]]||||
|[[Michael McMullen]]||[[GCA]] - Gay Callers Association||[[3UL]]||||||||
|[[Michael McMullen]]||[[GCA]] - Gay Callers Association||[[3UL]]||||||1952-08-12||2012-01-18
|[[Chris Bolton]]||[[Gold Rush]]||[[1UR]]||||||1956-08-09||1993-01-20
|[[Chris Bolton]]||[[Gold Rush]]||[[1UR]]||||||1956-08-09||1993-01-20
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|[[Greg Osman]]||[[Gold Rush]]||[[1UR]]||[[Cleveland]]||[[2008]]||||
|[[Greg Osman]]||[[Gold Rush]]||[[1UR]]||[[Cleveland]]||[[2008]]||||
|[[Mark Machado]]||[[Gold Rush]]||[[1UR]]||[[Cleveland]]||[[2008]]||||
|[[Marc Machado|Mark Machado]]||[[Gold Rush]]||[[1UR]]||[[Cleveland]]||[[2008]]||1953-03-06||1997-07-08
|[[Max (Robb)]]||[[Gold Rush]]||[[1UR]]||[[Cleveland]]||[[2008]]||1942-10-31||1995-08-15
|[[Max (Robb)]]||[[Gold Rush]]||[[1UR]]||[[Cleveland]]||[[2008]]||1942-10-31||1995-08-15
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|[[Bob Askevold]]||[[Golden State Squares]]||[[3UR]]||[[Salt Lake City]]||[[2014]]||||
|[[Bob Askevold]]||[[Golden State Squares]]||[[3UR]]||[[Salt Lake City]]||[[2014]]||||
|[[Boyd Bodily]]||[[Golden State Squares]]||[[3LR]]||||||||
|[[Boyd Bodily]]||[[Golden State Squares]]||[[3LR]]||||||1956-12-11||1995-02-17
|[[Cameron Robb|Cameron (Robb)]]||[[Golden State Squares]]||[[3LR]]||[[Anaheim]]||[[2006]]||1956-02-26||2005-07-30
|[[Cameron Robb|Cameron (Robb)]]||[[Golden State Squares]]||[[3LR]]||[[Anaheim]]||[[2006]]||1956-02-26||2005-07-30
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|[[Imogen (Berg)]]||[[Midnight Squares]]||[[3LL]]||[[Denver]]||[[2007]]||1929-12-06||1995-03-03
|[[Imogen (Berg)]]||[[Midnight Squares]]||[[3LL]]||[[Denver]]||[[2007]]||1929-12-06||1995-03-03
|[[Jason (Fontaine)]]||[[Midnight Squares]]||[[1LL]]||[[Salt Lake City]]||[[2014]]||||
|[[Jason Fontaine|Jason (Fontaine)]]||[[Midnight Squares]]||[[1LL]]||[[Salt Lake City]]||[[2014]]||1930-07-??||2010-07-24
|[[Patrick Coleman]]||[[Midnight Squares]]||[[1UL]]||||||1955-08-15||1994-09-09
|[[Patrick Coleman]]||[[Midnight Squares]]||[[1UL]]||||||1955-08-15||1994-09-09
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|[[Dave "Happy" New Year]]||[[New Year Resolutions]]||[[1UR]]||[[Palm Springs]]||[[2017]]||1931-03-15||1993-10-14
|[[Dave "Happy" New Year]]||[[New Year Resolutions]]||[[1UR]]||[[Palm Springs]]||[[2017]]||1931-03-15||1993-10-14
|[[Dan Seberger]]||[[Oaktown 8’s]]||[[4LR]]||[[San Francisco]]||[[2013]]||||
|[[Dan Seberger]]||[[Oaktown 8’s]]||[[4LR]]||[[San Francisco]]||[[2013]]||1945-10-12||2012-09-21
|[[Howard King]]||[[Oaktown 8’s]]||[[4LR]]||[[San Francisco]]||[[2013]]||||
|[[Howard King]]||[[Oaktown 8’s]]||[[4LR]]||[[San Francisco]]||[[2013]]||||
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|[[Michael Dundon]]||[[Puddletown Dancers]]||[[3LL]]||||||1949-12-06||1992-11-05
|[[Michael Dundon]]||[[Puddletown Dancers]]||[[3LL]]||||||1949-12-06||1992-11-05
|[[Michael Graham]]||[[Puddletown Dancers]]||[[3LL]]||||||????-02-14||1992-05-13
|[[Michael Graham]]||[[Puddletown Dancers]]||[[3LL]]||||||1941-02-14||1992-05-13
|[[Michael Lamb]]||[[Puddletown Dancers]]||[[3LL]]||||||||
|[[Michael Lamb]]||[[Puddletown Dancers]]||[[3LL]]||||||||
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|[[Jim Worlund]]||[[Rocket City Rainbow Squares]]||[[3UL]]||||||||
|[[Jim Worlund]]||[[Rocket City Rainbow Squares]]||[[3UL]]||||||||
|[[Bill Cowan]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||1961-09-19||1990-02-18
|[[Bill Cowan]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||1961-07-19||1990-02-18
|[[Bob Brunelle]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||1951-01-22||1990-08-19
|[[Bob Brunelle]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||1951-01-22||1990-08-19
Line 901: Line 899:
|[[Doug Wollard]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||1947-03-04||1993-09-23
|[[Doug Wollard]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||1947-03-04||1993-09-23
|[[Howard Middleton]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2UL]]||||||||1990-12-07
|[[Howard Middleton]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2UL]]||||||????=03-10||1990-12-07
|[[Jim Robertson]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||????-01-09||1993-09-06
|[[Jim Robertson]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||????-01-09||1993-09-06
Line 915: Line 913:
|[[Kurt Heller]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2UL]]||||||1958-12-21||1991-08-24
|[[Kurt Heller]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2UL]]||||||1958-12-21||1991-08-24
|[[Marc Womack]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||????-11-01||1991-??-??
|[[Marc Womack]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||||||1955-11-01||1991-03-29
|[[Ralph Lorier]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||[[Toronto]]||[[2016]]||1943-04-29||2015-09-11
|[[Ralph Lorier]]||[[Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus]]||[[2LL]]||[[Toronto]]||[[2016]]||1943-04-29||2015-09-11
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|[[Larry Vandering]]||[[Rosetown Ramblers]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Larry Vandering]]||[[Rosetown Ramblers]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Michael McMullen]]||[[Rosetown Ramblers]]||[[3UL]]||[[Vancouver]]||[[2012]]||||
|[[Michael McMullen]]||[[Rosetown Ramblers]]||[[3UL]]||[[Vancouver]]||[[2012]]||1952-08-12||2012-01-18
|[[Mike Seyfrit]]||[[Rosetown Ramblers]]||[[2UL]]||||||1947-12-16||1994-05-29
|[[Mike Seyfrit]]||[[Rosetown Ramblers]]||[[2UL]]||||||1947-12-16||1994-05-29
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|[[Ralph Blackmore]]||[[Squares Across the Border]]||[[2UL]]||||||||
|[[Ralph Blackmore]]||[[Squares Across the Border]]||[[2UL]]||||||||
|[[Randy Garska]]||[[Squares Across the Border]]||[[2UR]]||||||||
|[[Randy Garska]]||[[Squares Across the Border]]||[[2UR]]||||||????-07-18||1994-??-??
|[[Richard Chaulk]]||[[Squares Across the Border]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Richard Chaulk]]||[[Squares Across the Border]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
Line 1,475: Line 1,473:
|[[John Rutledge]]||[[Triangle Squares]]||[[2LL]]||||||||
|[[John Rutledge]]||[[Triangle Squares]]||[[2LL]]||||||||
|[[Matt Beach]]||[[Triangle Squares]]||[[2UL]]||[[St. Louis]]||[[2015]]||||2015-01-02
|[[Matt Beach]]||[[Triangle Squares]]||[[2UL]]||[[St. Louis]]||[[2015]]||1972-05-04||2015-01-02
|[[Paul (Kivisto)]]||[[Triangle Squares]]||[[2UL]]||[[St. Louis]]||[[2015]]||1965-05-28||2015-04-08
|[[Paul (Kivisto)]]||[[Triangle Squares]]||[[2UL]]||[[St. Louis]]||[[2015]]||1965-05-28||2015-04-08
Line 1,491: Line 1,489:
|[[Bob Bellville]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||1941-12-30||1990-04-10
|[[Bob Bellville]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||1941-12-30||1990-04-10
|[[Brian Porcher]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||||
|[[Brian Porcher]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||1953-03-21||1995-03-04
|[[Capelthwaite (Moran)]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1954-08-08||1993-04-03
|[[Capelthwaite (Moran)]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1954-08-08||1993-04-03
Line 1,505: Line 1,503:
|[[Chris Anderson]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1951-01-01||2001-02-25
|[[Chris Anderson]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1951-01-01||2001-02-25
|[[Claude Kollman]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||||
|[[Claude Kollman]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1931-02-03||1989-05-20
|[[Dan Druid]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1949-10-09||1986-01-25
|[[Dan Druid]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1949-10-09||1986-01-25
Line 1,511: Line 1,509:
|[[Darrell Anderson]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1926-08-04||1989-05-05
|[[Darrell Anderson]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1926-08-04||1989-05-05
|[[David Lewis]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||
|[[David Lewis]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1951-10-08||1990-08-24
|[[Derek "BJ" Rainer]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||||
|[[Derek "BJ" Rainer]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1956-01-17||1994-07-31
|[[Eddie Smith]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1952-08-24||1993-04-18
|[[Eddie Smith]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1952-08-24||1993-04-18
Line 1,521: Line 1,519:
|[[Garrett Peter]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1954-06-25||1992-01-20
|[[Garrett Peter]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1954-06-25||1992-01-20
|[[Geno Gallardo]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||||
|[[Geno Gallardo]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UL]]||||||1965-08-27||2000-07-19
|[[Harold Little]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||||
|[[Harold Little]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||1961-08-10||2001-06-01
|[[Harry Koga]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1952-06-15||1994-09-23
|[[Harry Koga]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1952-06-15||1994-09-23
Line 1,535: Line 1,533:
|[[Jim Head]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1949-09-12||1990-08-18
|[[Jim Head]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1949-09-12||1990-08-18
|[[Jim Lansdowne]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||
|[[Jim Lansdowne]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||1989-06-19
|[[Jim Norwood]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||||
|[[Jim Norwood]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1940-10-19||1994-10-23
|[[Kip Mackey]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[3LR]]||||||
|[[Kip Mackey]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[3LR]]||||||
Line 1,557: Line 1,555:
|[[Ric Wilson]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1949-11-16||1992-11-15
|[[Ric Wilson]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||1949-11-16||1992-11-15
|[[Richard Clayberg]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1933-09-22||1986-11-??
|[[Richard Clayberg]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1933-09-22||1986-11-12
|[[Richard Smith – WS|Richard Smith]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||????-01-07||1994-??-??
|[[Richard Smith – WS|Richard Smith]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LR]]||||||????-01-07||1994-??-??
Line 1,565: Line 1,563:
|[[Rod Cowboy (Morrell)]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1944-05-27||1994-10-09
|[[Rod Cowboy (Morrell)]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1944-05-27||1994-10-09
|[[Ron Cohen]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||||
|[[Ron Cohen]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1LL]]||||||1950-12-28||1987-08-29
|[[Steve Perry]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||||1987-??-??
|[[Steve Perry]]||[[Western Star Dancers]]||[[1UR]]||||||||1987-??-??
Line 1,577: Line 1,575:
|[[Bob Williamson]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Bob Williamson]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Bobby Brickey]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Bobby Brickey]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||1964-04-08||1993-03-04
|[[Casey Scott]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[St. Louis]]||[[2015]]||||
|[[Casey Scott]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[St. Louis]]||[[2015]]||||
Line 1,585: Line 1,583:
|[[Dalin Byrd]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||||
|[[Dalin Byrd]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[Seattle]]||[[2018]]||||
|[[Don Durham]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||1954-04-10||1992-02.26
|[[Don Durham]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||1954-04-13||1992-02-26
|[[Dottie Squires]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[Denver]]||[[2007]]||||
|[[Dottie Squires]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[Denver]]||[[2007]]||1922-06-30||2006-09-20
|[[Finn Rasmussen]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Finn Rasmussen]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Frank Grubbs]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[St. Louis]]||[[2015]]||||
|[[Frank Grubbs]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[St. Louis]]||[[2015]]||1922-06-12||2014-10-24
|[[Gelen Hayes]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Gelen Hayes]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
Line 1,597: Line 1,595:
|[[Gene Baxter]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Gene Baxter]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Hank Wierzba]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Hank Wierzba]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||1952-06-25||1996-07-10
|[[Jay Neiman]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||1950-12-19||1994-05-31
|[[Jay Neiman]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||1950-12-19||1994-05-31
Line 1,609: Line 1,607:
|[[Larry Peck]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Larry Peck]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Lois Dickermen]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Lois Dickerman]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||1945-04-03||2008-01-05
|[[Lou Suiter]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Lou Suiter]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Matthew Slatin]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Matthew Slatin]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||1959-12-17||1996-06-19
|[[Peggy Cavett-Walden]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[Salt Lake City]]||[[2014]]||||
|[[Peggy Cavett-Walden]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||[[Salt Lake City]]||[[2014]]||1925-11-14||2013-12-09
|[[Ron Smith]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||
|[[Ron Smith]]||[[Wilde Bunch]]||[[2LR]]||||||||

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The Memorial Panels contain the badge(s) of friends and family who are no longer with us. The list here is taken from the badges on the panels.

The code in the Panel column indicates on which panel and where the badge is located: UL – Upper Left LL – Lower Left UR – Upper Right LR – Lower Right

The number of each panel is written on a lower edge on the back of the panel.

Also included on this page are the names of loved ones for whom there is no badge on the panels. If the club cannot arrange to pin a badge, please contact Debbie, Pam or Allan for assistance.

If you have any other information (birth/death date, year badge was pinned, obituary, photo, etc) about anyone listed here, please send it to Pam, Debbie or Allan

sortable table
Name Club Panel Convention City Year added Date of Birth Date of Death
Larry Joyner (no club on badge) Connecticut 4UL Seattle 2018 1963-11-25 2016-11-30
Ned Simmons (no club on badge) Philadelphia 1LL Denver 2007 1944-11-06 2006-12-01
Rob E(nbody) (no club on badge) Portland 3UL 1969-05-04 2003-11-20
Harland Jylha Alamo City Wranglers 3UR 1924-10-14 2002-01-05
Kris Anderson Big D Longhorns 3UL 1961-11-29 1991-11-10
Art (Knowles) Bloomin’ Squares 4LR Seattle 2018
Mark Dawson Bloomin’ Squares 3UR
Mary Fife Bloomin’ Squares 3UR
Sabrina Richey Bloomin’ Squares 3UR
Al Bousquet Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1933-01-03 2006-06-15
Ben Cantler Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1932-12-15 2010-10-21
Brad Olmstead Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1962-04-04 2008-09-25
Chuck Bogue Boots in Squares 3LR 1935-06-30 2003-03-23
Dale Prather Boots in Squares 3LR 1944-07-11 1995-06-24
Dorothy Miller Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1922-02-23 2011-11-20
George Madden Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018
Jerry Miller Boots in Squares 3LR Seattle 2018
Jim Edmunds Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1937-02-01 2005-04-02
Johann Dawson Boots in Squares 3LR 1945-07-06 1997-06-14
Mike Mohn Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1947-11-15 2008-05-30
Norman Borine Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1917-11-28 2005-11-27
Phil Earls Boots in Squares 3LL 1954-10-22 2003-08-22
Ron Caldwell Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018
Robin Ptacek Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1951-06-11 2012-11-29
Steve Woodfin Boots in Squares 3LR 1949-05-22 2000-10-16
Tracy Barber Boots in Squares 4UR Seattle 2018
Valentine Santos Boots in Squares/Finest City Squares 3 Anaheim 2006
Tom Long BOQ 3UL
Larry Kilgallen Boston Uncommons 4LR 1945-07-15 2011-03-02
Gail Oliver Cadillac Squares 3LR San Francisco 2013 1950-03-05 2012-04-07
Morris Holtz Cadillac Squares 2UL
Bob Bellville CALLERLAB 1UL 1941-12-30 1990-04-10
Bob Bellville Callers Ass'n of Northern Calif 1UR 1941-12-30 1990-04-10
Al Valdez Capital City Squares 1LR
Amador Gonzalez Capital City Squares 1LL 1944-04-30 1987-05-06
Bill Quinn Capital City Squares 1LL 1951-06-07 1989-12-08
Chuck Kitlinger Capital City Squares 1LL 1951-05-05 1992-01-21
Chuck Novak Capital City Squares 2LL 1944-08-02 1992-07-25
Dale Lafferty Capital City Squares 1LL 1956-08-04 1992-08-21
Darrell Fontes Capital City Squares 1LL 1943-08-16 1989-05-02
David Borad Capital City Squares 4LL Palm Springs 2017 1967-06-08 2016-08-11
David Cogswell Capital City Squares 1LR 1962-08-02 1992-09-25
Dean Willis Capital City Squares 4LL 1942-12-10 2008-09-03
Dore Tanner Capital City Squares 3UL 1949-10-19 1998-06-27
Ed Walker Capital City Squares 1LR 1950-11-03 1993-12-26
Gary Largent Capital City Squares 2LL 1956-12-02 1989-06-28
Grant Pasley Capital City Squares 4LL Palm Springs 2017 1936-04-14 2016-07-03
Hugh Hayes Jr Capital City Squares 1LR 1958-10-19 1994-01-17
Jan Freeman Capital City Squares 4LL Palm Springs 2017
Jim Graham Capital City Squares 1UL 1950-08-04 1992-12-06
Jim Shultz Capital City Squares 4UL St. Louis 2015 1953-12-24 2014-10-05
Joel Dawes Capital City Squares 1UL 1936-05-26 1989-09-17
John Shefelbine Capital City Squares 4LL Toronto 2016 1944-05-01 2016-05-26
Judi Zuntag Capital City Squares 3UL 1939-03-04 2004-07-27
Kenric Brown Capital City Squares 1LL Denver 2007 1953-01-08 1993-12-17
Kim Brownlee Capital City Squares 1UL 1954-03-17 1991-09-14
Larry Nemi Capital City Squares 1LR 1939-11-09 1990-10-31
Lizz (Bippus) Capital City Squares 3UL 1952-10-18 2011-05-05
Margaret Coelho Capital City Squares 1UL 1921-05-01 1992-12-30
Mike Hartig Capital City Squares 1UR 1962-01-02 1989-08-06
Norman Earle Capital City Squares 4LL St. Louis 2015 1938-08-28 2014-11-17
Paul Maring Capital City Squares 3UL Washington, DC 2009 1942-10-22 2008-08-25
Pete Orchard Capital City Squares 1LR 1950-08-11 1994-11-24
Ralph Padgug Capital City Squares 4LL Palm Springs 2017 1956-06-15 2016-09-??
Rich Wilkes Capital City Squares 1LR 1948-01-30 2011-04-07
Rich Beddow Capital City Squares 4LL Washington, DC 2009 1950-09-21 2009-01-15
Robert Eagan Capital City Squares 1UL 1954-08-10 1988-10-18
Ron Buchner Capital City Squares 1LR 1948-12-06 1993-02-17
Roy Frisch Capital City Squares 1UL 1934-10-07 1990-01-01
Russ Stieger Capital City Squares 1UR 1993-02-26?
Stan Hadden Capital City Squares 1LL 1956-10-07 1991-12-02
Steve Head Capital City Squares 1LL 1950-10-07 1990-03-13
Terence Williams Capital City Squares 4LL Toronto 2016 1939-03-23 2016-01-03
Terry Holme Capital City Squares 1LL 1950-02-03 1991-01-05
Terry Powell Capital City Squares 1LL after 1990
Tim Larrabee Capital City Squares 4LL Palm Springs 2017 1960-01-29 2017-02-14
Tom "Alaric" Morgan Capital City Squares 1LR 1946-11-26 1994-05-27
Tony Gallego Capital City Squares 1UR 1950-08-13 1994-08-08
Wayne Blackburn Capital City Squares 1LL
Bob "Missy" Walker Charlie's Sunburst Squares 3LR
Don B Charlie's Sunburst Squares 3LR
Phil Looby Charlie's Sunburst Squares 3LR
Dave Zeiders Chesapeake Squares 2UR 1960-10-05 1992-08-27
Dave Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Dennis Dellamalva Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Geoffrey Maclellan Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Jack Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Jeff Knuckles Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Lewis Coale Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Mark Clarke Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Michael Deets Chesapeake Squares 2UR 1965-09-12 2011-03-02
Peter Kuchta Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Rich "Fluffy" Widener Chesapeake Squares 2UL Toronto 2016 1951-05-04 2016-03-04
Skip Hartig Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Walter Kratzmeier Chesapeake Squares 2UR
Bob Sundal Chi-Town Squares 3UL Palm Springs 2017
Chuck Hyde Chi-Town Squares 3LR Palm Springs 2017
Doug Wells Chi-Town Squares 3LR St. Louis 2015
Ed Grabow Chi-Town Squares 3LL
Eric Calimag Chi-Town Squares 3UL 1965-11-02 2004-07-25
Ev Nobuyama Chi-Town Squares 3LR Salt Lake City 2014
Gary Schardine Chi-Town Squares 3LL
Gladys Csanda Chi-Town Squares 3LR Cleveland 2008 1925-03-22 2008-05-05
Jerry Armstrong Chi-Town Squares 3UL 1942-11-02 2005-05-30
Jerry Cohen Chi-Town Squares 3LR 1943-02-03 1991-11-26
Jim Frankenberger Chi-Town Squares 3UL St. Louis 2015
Joe Wood Chi-Town Squares 3LR
Junious Tyler-Turner II Chi-Town Squares 3LL 1962-12-13 2010-11-04
Ken Jancy Chi-Town Squares 3UL Vancouver 2012 1950-11-01 2011-11-01
Larry Burke Chi-Town Squares 3LR 1950-07-12 2005-02-08
Lin Jarvis Chi-Town Squares 3UL 1931-02-07 2002-06-10
Lois Carmen D'Nominator Chi-Town Squares 3LR Atlanta 2011 1956-03-01 2010-07-16
Louis Uhren Chi-Town Squares 3LL 1961-06-16 1999-07-01
Marge Perry Chi-Town Squares 3LR
Merry Mary Chi-Town Squares 3UL Vancouver 2012 1934-01-04 2011-12-30
Mike Blizzard Chi-Town Squares 3LR Atlanta 2011 1956-03-01 2010-07-16
Patricia Kurauski Chi-Town Squares 3UL Toronto 2016 1944-01-29 2015-07-13
Ray Blevins Chi-Town Squares 3LL
Ray Crispen Chi-Town Squares 3LL Anaheim 2006
RJ Chaffin Chi-Town Squares 3UR Vancouver 2012
Sally Hurst Chi-Town Squares 3LR Salt Lake City 2014 1931-01-01 2014-07-02
Steve Allen Chi-Town Squares 3LR 1954-09-20 2009-05-02
Steve Varley Chi-Town Squares 3LL 1953-04-30 1995-10-29
Bill "Teddy Bear" Reese Cleveland City Country Dancers 2UL Cleveland 2008
Don Muntz Cleveland City Country Dancers 2UR
Jim Stevenson Cleveland City Country Dancers 4UL
Ted Scalia Cleveland City Country Dancers 2UR 1962-05-26 1996-02-07
Dannie Lee Cotton Pickin’ Squares 3UL St. Louis 2015
Harold Permenter Cotton Pickin’ Squares 3UL
Lynda Dolbi Cotton Pickin’ Squares 3UL
Todd Harris Cotton Pickin’ Squares 3UL St. Louis 2015
Willie Lafleur Cotton Pickin’ Squares 3UL
Mike Jacobs Crack The Crab 4UL Chicago 2010 1951-11-22 2009-12-02
Ron Wetley Cream City Squares 2UR 1961-11-15 1994-08-23
Alan Montbriand DC Lambda Squares 3UL
Arcadio Torres DC Lambda Squares 1LL
Bruce Bone DC Lambda Squares 1LL 1958-01-07 1995-02-13
Bryan Drake DC Lambda Squares 1UR 1991-11-10
David Christianson DC Lambda Squares 3UL
Dewey Childs DC Lambda Squares 1LR 1949-12-12 1993-12-05
Jake Efsen DC Lambda Squares 3UL 1995-06-05
Keith Walker DC Lambda Squares 1LL
Paul Cunzeman DC Lambda Squares 3UL
Paul DC Lambda Squares 1LR
Peter Page DC Lambda Squares 4LR St. Louis 2015 1946-06-11 2014-05-09
Ri Lovell DC Lambda Squares 2LL
Scott (Upright) DC Lambda Squares 1LL Cleveland 2008 1943-05-01 2008-06-25
Steve Kohagura DC Lambda Squares 1UR
Tom Halloran DC Lambda Squares 2LL 1950-05-06 2002-01-24
Vladislav Schwartz DC Lambda Squares 3UL Denver 2007
Warren Jaquith DC Lambda Squares 3UL Denver 2007 1948-03-06 2007-02-28
Willis Davis DC Lambda Squares 1LL 1955-12-03 1992-09-03
Bill Martin Desert Valley Squares 1LL
Bob Kuzela Desert Valley Squares 1LR
Brenda Baker Desert Valley Squares 1UL Seattle 2018
Chris Vance Desert Valley Squares 1LL Denver 2007
Don Durham Desert Valley Squares 1LL 1954-04-10 1992-02-26
Don Wilson Desert Valley Squares 1LL
Gary Naylor Desert Valley Squares 1UL Washington, DC 2009
Grace Mommala Levine Desert Valley Squares 1UL Washington, DC 2009
Harold Poppala Levine Desert Valley Squares 1UL St. Louis 2015
Iva Faulds Desert Valley Squares 1UL Palm Springs 2017
Ivan Brauer Desert Valley Squares 1LL
John Bowling Desert Valley Squares 1UL Palm Springs 2017
Lee (Toy) Desert Valley Squares 1LL
Linda Rice Desert Valley Squares 1UL Palm Springs 2017
Robbie Dewitt Desert Valley Squares 1LR
Robin Eli Desert Valley Squares 1LL
Ted Oakes Desert Valley Squares 1LL 1954-06-15 1996-02-19
Tom Hoeveler Desert Valley Squares 1LL
Dan Seberger Diablo Dancers 4LR San Francisco 2013 1945-10-12 2012-09-21
Gary Lombardo Diablo Dancers 4LR
Lizz (Bippus) Diablo Dancers 1UL 1952-10-18 2011-05-05
Paul Cahill Diablo Dancers 4LR Seattle 2018 1941-04-28 2016-05-16
Tom Wills Diablo Dancers 4LR Seattle 2018
Zack Blake Diablo Dancers 1UL
Aki (Kawaguchi) Edo 8’s 3LR
Satoshi (Nishijima) Edo 8’s 3LR
Alotta Gelata (Warren Eggly) El Camino Reelers 4UL Seattle 2018 1959-12-25 2017-10-22
Cameron Robb El Camino Reelers 3UL Anaheim 2006 1956-02-26 2005-07-30
Chuck Krysieniel El Camino Reelers 4LL Seattle 2018 1959-12-09 2017-08-22
Eggzie (Warren Eggly) El Camino Reelers 4UL Seattle 2018 1959-12-25 2017-10-22
Imogen (Berg) El Camino Reelers 1UR 1929-12-06 1995-03-03
Jim Smith El Camino Reelers 1UL
Michael Cherundulo El Camino Reelers 3UR
Roz (Rosalind) Dina El Camino Reelers 4UL Seattle 2018 1949-08-14 2017-03-07
Stephen Everman El Camino Reelers 3UL Vancouver 2012
Tim Sukovaty El Camino Reelers 1UR Anaheim 2006
Tom Steele El Camino Reelers 1UL San Francisco 2013
Barbara Pitzer Empire Squares 3UR
Stephen (Woodfin) Empire Squares 3UR 1949-06-19 2000-10-16
Michael Deets Ettseteras 2UR 1965-09-12 2011-03-02
Boyd Bodily Finest City Squares 3LR 1956-12-11 1995-02-17
Boyd Finest City Squares 3LR Salt Lake City 2014
Bubba (Schaeter) Finest City Squares 3LR
Dan Craig Finest City Squares 3LR
Dean Hoffman Finest City Squares 3LR 1929-07-26 1995-03-12
Fran Tramniell Finest City Squares 3LR
George Haverstick Finest City Squares 3LR
George Finest City Squares 3LR
Lee Reel Finest City Squares 3LR
Ralph (Smith) Finest City Squares 4LL Toronto 2016
Richard Amick Finest City Squares 3LR
Thorpe (DeVoid) Finest City Squares 4LL Toronto 2016
Vena Finest City Squares 3LR
Alan Hall Foggy City Dancers 2LL 1943-01-10 1994-07-17
Barry Barlow Foggy City Dancers 1UL 1953-09-30 1992-02-21
Bill Whitefield Foggy City Dancers 1UL San Francisco 2013 1941-07-27 2013-06-12
Bruce Channel Foggy City Dancers 1LR
Bud Vadon Foggy City Dancers 1LR
Calvin Townsend Foggy City Dancers 1LR 1945-01-08 1992-08-08
Carl Hammond Foggy City Dancers 1UL 1944-08-24 1988-03-21
Coppin Hill Foggy City Dancers 1UR 1942-05-12 1990-08-03
Craig Novak Foggy City Dancers 2LR
Dan Westergard Foggy City Dancers 1LL 1947-04-17 1992-11-14
Darrell Duarte Foggy City Dancers 1LR 1986-10-12
David Thompson Foggy City Dancers 1UR 1986-10-12
Frank Defendis Foggy City Dancers 1UL 1993-12-22
Frank Medina Foggy City Dancers 1LR
Freddie Papapietro Foggy City Dancers 3LR Denver 2007
Garth Gwinn Foggy City Dancers 1LL 1991-03-23
George Gibson Foggy City Dancers 1UL
George Lanyi Foggy City Dancers 1UR 1958-05-29 1990-01-09
Jerry Hove Foggy City Dancers 1UR 1933-11-17 1992-01-01
Jim Piper Foggy City Dancers 1LL
Jimmy Wimmer Foggy City Dancers 1LR 1957-08-23 1993-09-09
Joel Irvine Foggy City Dancers 1LR 1959-08-11 1991-11-11
Keith Bishop Foggy City Dancers 1UL 1950-08-01 1991-09-08
Kurt Bruens Foggy City Dancers 1UR
Larry Commeaux Foggy City Dancers 1LR
Larry Holmes Foggy City Dancers 1UL 1946-11-20 1994-08-02
Manny Parian Foggy City Dancers 1UR
Martin Kahler Foggy City Dancers 1UL 1955-10-26 1995-04-13
Martin Upp Foggy City Dancers 1LL 1992-06-09
Mike Abling Foggy City Dancers 1LR 1956-09-04 1987-03-02
Mike Sarfaty Foggy City Dancers 1UL 1952-11-25 1993-01-20
Pat Hatlen Foggy City Dancers 3UR 2002-03-08
Patrick Coleman Foggy City Dancers 1UL 1955-08-15 1994-09-09
Paul Dearborn Foggy City Dancers 1UL
Peter Brockhoff Foggy City Dancers 1LR 1958-07-30 2001-02-22
Richard Shaw Foggy City Dancers 1LL
Ron Shaw Foggy City Dancers 1UR
Sam Kellogg Foggy City Dancers 1LL 1950-03-22 1990-06-21
Steve Liebhart Foggy City Dancers 1UR 1948-02-22 1993-07-30
Tadd Waggoner Foggy City Dancers 1LR 1945-12-28 1993-08-30
Terry Presley ("Sybil") Foggy City Dancers 3UR 1951-05-11 2008-04-30
Thomas Cooper Foggy City Dancers 1LL 1955-10-29 1989-02-16
Tom Durham Foggy City Dancers 1UR 1943-06-28 1994-12-28
Tom Gregory Foggy City Dancers 1LL 1944-11-09 1990-04-15
Tom Squillante Foggy City Dancers 3UR 1958-10-06 2007-12-27
Tom Valdez Foggy City Dancers 3LR Denver 2007
Tommy Gosset Foggy City Dancers 1UR 1956-05-30 1991-12-30
Tony Uzzo Foggy City Dancers 3UR
Victor Victor Foggy City Dancers 3UR 1958-01-04 1996-06-29
Wally Medel Foggy City Dancers 2UL 1955-05-21 1997-05-04
Colleen Zink Gateway Squares 2LL Cleveland 2008
Tom Maloney Gateway Squares 2LL Vancouver 2012
Michael McMullen GCA - Gay Callers Association 3UL 1952-08-12 2012-01-18
Chris Bolton Gold Rush 1UR 1956-08-09 1993-01-20
Eddie Smith Gold Rush 1UR 1952-08-24 1993-04-18
Greg Osman Gold Rush 1UR Cleveland 2008
Mark Machado Gold Rush 1UR Cleveland 2008 1953-03-06 1997-07-08
Max (Robb) Gold Rush 1UR Cleveland 2008 1942-10-31 1995-08-15
Rick Wheeler Gold Rush 1UR 1956-07-15 1992-07-16
Andrew Fitzpatrick Golden State Squares 3UR 1943-02-22 1992-06-09
Bill Hartley Golden State Squares 3UR Seattle 2018 1954-05-21 2018-03-??
Bob Askevold Golden State Squares 3UR Salt Lake City 2014
Boyd Bodily Golden State Squares 3LR 1956-12-11 1995-02-17
Cameron (Robb) Golden State Squares 3LR Anaheim 2006 1956-02-26 2005-07-30
Cameron Robb Golden State Squares 3UL Anaheim 2006 1956-02-26 2005-07-30
Dale Jagodzinski Golden State Squares 3UR
Darrell Corbett Golden State Squares 3LR
Don Murray Golden State Squares 3LR
Egon Rieth Golden State Squares 3UR St. Louis 2015
Hal Shackford Golden State Squares 3UR
Herbert Orban Golden State Squares 3UR Palm Springs 2017
John Bilboa Golden State Squares 3UR
Ken Anderson Golden State Squares 3UR
Lucille (Davis) Golden State Squares 3LR
Mark "Ann" Halle Golden State Squares 3UR
Michael Stocks Golden State Squares 3LR Denver 2007
Perry Goering Golden State Squares 3LR
Ruben Garcia Golden State Squares 3UR
Ryan Page Golden State Squares 3LR
Tom Whitney Golden State Squares 3LR
Wayne Gray Golden State Squares 3UR
Dave Eppelheimer Grand River Squares 4LR Seattle 2018 1953-12-13 2017-08-03
Kit Langlois Grand River Squares 4LR St. Louis 2015
Bob (Lamberson) Casse-Noisettes Heads to the Center 3UR 1938-04-14 2012-02-19
Craig (Novak) Heads to the Center 2LR
Dick Burdon Heads to the Center 3UR Seattle 2018
Kate (Yule) Heads to the Center 3UL Palm Springs 2017 1961-03-30 2016-10-04
Ken Vannice Heads to the Center 3UR Seattle 2018 1944-01-02 2018-01-15
Steve (Bentley) Heads to the Center 3UL
Spike Venable High Desert Stars 2UR 1995-09-27
Ceci(lia) (Mitchell) Hotlanta Squares 3LL St. Louis 2015
Harry (Echols) Hotlanta Squares 3LR Cleveland 2008
Joan Booth Hotlanta Squares 3LR
Johnny Jones Hotlanta Squares 3LR Seattle 2018
Landon Coleman Hotlanta Squares 3LR
Mary H(umphries) Hotlanta Squares 3LR San Francisco 2013
Susan Ehrhardt Hotlanta Squares 3LR
Allan Laufer Independence Squares 1LL 1958-10-06 1993-10-22
Bob Rougeau Independence Squares 3UR St. Louis 2015
Bryan Drake Independence Squares 1UR 1991-11-10
Carroll Hoggard Independence Squares 1UL
Ed Klein Independence Squares 4LR Toronto 2016
Francisco Casado Independence Squares 1UL
Glenn Matthew Independence Squares 4UR Toronto 2016 1958-12-25 2014-11-11
Janea Gordon Independence Squares 3UR San Francisco 2013
Jesse A Johnson Independence Squares 2LR
Ken Love Independence Squares 1LL
Lance Gardner Independence Squares 2UL
Michael Goldberger Independence Squares 1UL
Ned (Simmons) Independence Squares 1LL Cleveland 2008 1944-11-06 2006-12-01
Peter Mazzoni Independence Squares 2LR
Peter Page Independence Squares 4LR St. Louis 2015 1946-06-11 2014-05-09
Richard Eshelman Independence Squares 2UL
Steve Smith Independence Squares 3UR
Tony Dratwa Independence Squares 2LR Toronto 2016
Victor Albright Independence Squares 1UR
Ron Collins Iron City Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 1961-01-18 2017-07-05
Melody Hinshaw Knot So Squares 4LL Toronto 2016
Russell Lismore Scooters 1UR
Roy Lambert Magic City Diamonds 3UR
Sandi Neesta Managua Squares 2UR
Alan (Hall) Midnight Squares 2LL 1943-01-10 1994-07-17
Bob Bellville Midnight Squares 1UR 1941-12-30 1990-04-10
Bob Fuller Midnight Squares 1UR Palm Springs 2017 1938-03-24 2016-08-19
Cameron Robb Midnight Squares 3UL Anaheim 2006 1956-02-26 2005-07-30
Carlos Mosca Midnight Squares 1UL 1962-03-03 2001-10-23
Chris (Anderson) Midnight Squares 1LL 1951-01-01 2001-02-25
Craig (Novak) Midnight Squares 2LR
David Crowell Midnight Squares 4LR Salt Lake City 2014
Donald "Bullseye" Wescoat Midnight Squares 3UR Denver 2007
Imogen (Berg) Midnight Squares 3LL Denver 2007 1929-12-06 1995-03-03
Jason (Fontaine) Midnight Squares 1LL Salt Lake City 2014 1930-07-?? 2010-07-24
Patrick Coleman Midnight Squares 1UL 1955-08-15 1994-09-09
Patrick Midnight Squares 1UL
Rob Daoud Midnight Squares 1LL St. Louis 2015 1955-06-26 1993-01-05
Roz (Rosalind) (Dina) Midnight Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
Tadd Waggoner Midnight Squares 1LL 1945-12-28 1993-08-30
Marty Minnesota Wild Roses 1LL
Harland (Jylha) Moonshine Dancers 3UR 1924-10-14 2002-01-05
Dave "Happy" New Year New Year Resolutions 1UR Palm Springs 2017 1931-03-15 1993-10-14
Dan Seberger Oaktown 8’s 4LR San Francisco 2013 1945-10-12 2012-09-21
Howard King Oaktown 8’s 4LR San Francisco 2013
Nancy Thompson Oaktown 8’s 4LR Denver 2007
Richard Tuck Oaktown 8’s 4LR San Francisco 2013
Bea Chapman Ottawa Date Squares 4UR St. Louis 2015
Bob Booth Ottawa Date Squares Not on Panels 1947 2016-12-04
Audrey Stewart Prime 8s 1UL 1933-10-09 1992-08-27
Bill (St John) Prime 8s 3UL 1916-08-08 2011-05-13
Bob Foti Prime 8s 1UR 1936-11-01 1993-01-30
Ernie Conti Prime 8s 1LR 1950-04-24 1990-02-12
Jennifer Hughes Prime 8s 4UL Palm Springs 2017 1967-11-22 2016-08-31
Rich Wilkes Prime 8s 4LL 1948-01-30 2011-04-07
Rich Beddow Prime 8s 4LL Washington, DC 2009 1950-09-21 2009-01-15
Stan Boyden Prime 8s 3UL Denver 2007 1922-01-09 2005-09-06
Ben Burnett Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Bill Depew Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Bill Liddicoat Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Bill Van Brunt Puddletown Dancers 3LL Washington, DC 2009
Bob Farrell Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Darren B Gere Puddletown Dancers 3LL
David Miller Puddletown Dancers 3LL 1953-12-09 1994-12-11
Dennis Byers Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Dennis Scott Puddletown Dancers 3LL 1948-01-20 1995-09-26
Don Hutt Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Don Lee Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Doris Smith Puddletown Dancers 3LL Cleveland 2008
Doug Lewis Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Doug McPherson Puddletown Dancers 3LL 1991-07-01
Frank Jones Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Gary Way ("Ms. Virginia Slim") Puddletown Dancers 3LL 1940-11-14 1987-09-06
Jeffery Southwick Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Jim Goeres Puddletown Dancers 3LL 1988-11-15
John Glasscock Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Kathy Mershimer Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Kevin "Thumper" Petrow Puddletown Dancers 3LL 1989-03-30
Margaret Hulsey Puddletown Dancers 3LL Washington, DC 2009
Maxcy Moon Puddletown Dancers 3LL Anaheim 2006 1952-10-03 2005-12-30
Michael Dundon Puddletown Dancers 3LL 1949-12-06 1992-11-05
Michael Graham Puddletown Dancers 3LL 1941-02-14 1992-05-13
Michael Lamb Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Paul Slane Puddletown Dancers 3LL Denver 2007
PJ Devikno Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Prentice "Bumb" Hagen Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Richard Stiles Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Ronn Talbot Pelley Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Rudy Gomez Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Steve Hitchcock Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Steve Singsaas Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Tom Long Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Tracy Brown Puddletown Dancers 3LL
William "Gus" Gustafson Puddletown Dancers 3LL
Adam Sacchetti Puddletown Squares 3LL Palm Springs 2017
Ailsa Sandford Puddletown Squares 3LL
Art Fairhall Puddletown Squares 3LL
Bob Maag Puddletown Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
Brian Nims Puddletown Squares 3LL Palm Springs 2017
Bruce Turnbull Puddletown Squares 3LL Palm Springs 2017
Charles Krysieniel Puddletown Squares 4UL Seattle 2018 1959-12-09 2017-08-22
Chris Vance Puddletown Squares 3UL Denver 2007
Dave Howell Puddletown Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
Dawayne Goodburn Puddletown Squares 3LL
Doug Titus Puddletown Squares 3LL Palm Springs 2017
FloRoha Puddletown Squares 3LL Palm Springs 2017
Gary Berdeen Puddletown Squares 3LL Anaheim 2006
Jeffery Hyres Puddletown Squares 3LL Washington, DC 2009
Jim Bailey Puddletown Squares 3LL
Joanne Wieand Puddletown Squares 3LL St. Louis 2015
Jonica Keel Puddletown Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
Ken Fowler Puddletown Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
Kip Newquist Puddletown Squares 3UL
Leo Hagen Puddletown Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
Margaret Cotter Puddletown Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
Mary Sacchetti Puddletown Squares 3LL Washington, DC 2009
Steven Perry Puddletown Squares 3LL Washington, DC 2009
Todd Zwahl Puddletown Squares 3LL
William "Bet" Abbott Puddletown Squares 3LL Palm Springs 2017
Ed Klein Reel Rebels 4LR Toronto 2016
Jim Worlund Rocket City Rainbow Squares 3UL
Bill Cowan Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1961-07-19 1990-02-18
Bob Brunelle Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1951-01-22 1990-08-19
Cal Haning Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1945-03-03 1991-01-25
Charles Knutson Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL Seattle 2018 1937-12-24 2017-09-14
Danny Bahr Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1952-10-08 1986-11-06
Dave Decameron Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2UL 1950-08-25 1988-08-14
Dennis Cossey Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2UL 1945-07-24 1995-04-14
Don Dupsky Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1956-08-07 2009-10-02
Don Durham Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2UL 1954-04-10 1992-02-26
Don Kuzela Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 1LR St. Louis 2015 1946-03-21 2015-03-17
Doug Jarrett Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1954-09-20 1988-09-24
Doug Wollard Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1947-03-04 1993-09-23
Howard Middleton Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2UL ????=03-10 1990-12-07
Jim Robertson Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL ????-01-09 1993-09-06
Joe Petersen Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1941-03-22 1995-03-29
John Clark Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1933-07-15 1994-08-01
John Howard Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2UL 1943-10-19 1988-11-27
Johnny Vilet Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1944-08-23 2009-05-23
Kurt Heller Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2UL 1958-12-21 1991-08-24
Marc Womack Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1955-11-01 1991-03-29
Ralph Lorier Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL Toronto 2016 1943-04-29 2015-09-11
Ray Archuleta Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1963-07-02 1995-03-18
Rich (Zip) Lee Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2LL 1951-01-04 2009-12-26
Roger Mesick Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2UL 1955-09-02 1991-09-05
Sidney Dalton Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus 2UL 1937-10-02 1988-01-27
Al Williams Rosetown Ramblers 1UL
Alan Robertson Rosetown Ramblers 2UR 1990-04-??
Andrew Hayworth Rosetown Ramblers 2LR
Bob Conrad Rosetown Ramblers 3UR
Bob Lamberson Rosetown Ramblers 3UR Vancouver 2012 1938-04-14 2012-02-19
Bob Terry Rosetown Ramblers 3UL
Brad Stephens Rosetown Ramblers 3UL
David Calantine Rosetown Ramblers 2UR
Doug Shewmaker Rosetown Ramblers 2UL
Ernie Conti Rosetown Ramblers 3UL 1950-04-24 1990-02-12
Gary West Rosetown Ramblers 2LL
Hal Humble Rosetown Ramblers 3UL 1954-07-28 1990-11-22
HC Tupper Rosetown Ramblers 2UL Palm Springs 2017
Jack Smrekar Rosetown Ramblers 3UL Salt Lake City 2014
James Henderson Rosetown Ramblers 3UR 1993-12-18
Jason Nibblett Rosetown Ramblers 1LL
Jeff Devore Rosetown Ramblers 2LL
Jerry Barton Rosetown Ramblers 1UL 1956-10-26 1994-05-27
Jessica Lankford Rosetown Ramblers 2UL Palm Springs 2017
Jim Anctil Rosetown Ramblers 3UR
Jim Swank Rosetown Ramblers 1LR
Joel Bolton Rosetown Ramblers 3UR
Jose Montoya Rosetown Ramblers 1LR
Kate Yule Rosetown Ramblers 4UR Palm Springs 2017 1961-03-30 2016-10-04
Larry Murchison Rosetown Ramblers 1LL 1945-10-15 1994-01-28
Larry Vandering Rosetown Ramblers 2LR
Michael McMullen Rosetown Ramblers 3UL Vancouver 2012 1952-08-12 2012-01-18
Mike Seyfrit Rosetown Ramblers 2UL 1947-12-16 1994-05-29
Paul Castner Rosetown Ramblers 3UR
Richard Smith Rosetown Ramblers 1LR
Rob Enbody Rosetown Ramblers 3UL 1969-05-04 2003-11-20
Roger Bullis Rosetown Ramblers 1UR
Steve G Bentley Rosetown Ramblers 3UL
Tom Blush Rosetown Ramblers 3UL
Tom Elwood Rosetown Ramblers 1UR
Tom Long Rosetown Ramblers 3UR
Tom Montgomery Rosetown Ramblers 2UR
Cleon Royalty Squares 3UR
Larry Royalty Squares 3UR
Linda Royalty Squares 3UR
Chuck Krysieniel Running Bear Squares 4LL Seattle 2018 1959-12-09 2017-08-22
Craig Novak Santa Cruz Squares 3UR
Art Knowles Sets in Step 4LR Seattle 2018
Uncle Joe Jo Bradley Shady Rest Dancers 1UL 1951-01-01 2001-02-25
Jeff Claussen Sho-Me Squares 3LR Denver 2007
Bill Johnson Shoreline Squares 3LL
Don Scott Shoreline Squares 3LR
Jerry Taylor Shoreline Squares 3LL Denver 2007
Ken Jones Shoreline Squares 3LL
Lillian Griffin Shoreline Squares 3LL
Linda Ng Shoreline Squares 3LL
Mark Haddad Shoreline Squares 3LL Toronto 2016
Perry Goering Shoreline Squares 3LL
Peter Page Shoreline Squares 4LR St. Louis 2015 1946-06-11 2014-05-09
Redwood Shoreline Squares 3LL
Steve Lokos Shoreline Squares 3LL
Allan South Florida Mustangs 1UR
Bob F South Florida Mustangs 2UL
Bob H South Florida Mustangs 2UL
Bob M South Florida Mustangs 2LR
Craig South Florida Mustangs 2LR
Dale South Florida Mustangs 2LL
Dave South Florida Mustangs 1UR
Dean (Hoffman) South Florida Mustangs 2UL 1929-07-26 1995-03-12
Don South Florida Mustangs 1UL
Duane South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Elvin South Florida Mustangs 1LL
Gary South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Gordon South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Howard South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Jason South Florida Mustangs 2LR
Jay F South Florida Mustangs 1UR
Jeff South Florida Mustangs 2LL
Jim B South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Jim Rosevear South Florida Mustangs 2UL Seattle 2018 1925-12-24 2018-03-31
Jim South Florida Mustangs 1UR
Jim South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Joe C South Florida Mustangs 1LL
Joe R South Florida Mustangs 2UL
Joe South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Junior South Florida Mustangs 1LL
Ken South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Lee South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Lloyd Marks South Florida Mustangs 2UR Toronto 2016
Mario South Florida Mustangs 2UL
Mark J South Florida Mustangs 2LR
Mark S South Florida Mustangs 2UL
Mark South Florida Mustangs 3UR
Marty Allstock South Florida Mustangs 2UL Seattle 2018
Patrick C(oleman) South Florida Mustangs 2UL 1955-08-15 1994-05-09
Patrick F South Florida Mustangs 2UL
Patrick South Florida Mustangs 1UL
Peter South Florida Mustangs 2LR
Steve C South Florida Mustangs 2UL
Steve H South Florida Mustangs 2LL
Steve T South Florida Mustangs 2UL
Terry South Florida Mustangs 2LL
Tom (Grabiec) South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Tom H(alloran) South Florida Mustangs 2UL 1950-05-05 2002-01-24
Vince South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Winston South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Wix South Florida Mustangs 2UR
Allen Skinner Squares Across the Border 3UR
Barry Jones Squares Across the Border 2LR
Bernie Matthews Squares Across the Border 2LL
Bob Dixon Squares Across the Border 2UL
Bob Dunne Squares Across the Border 1UR
Brian Story Squares Across the Border 1UL
Carl Gravel Squares Across the Border 1UR Washington, DC 2009
Carlos Mosca Squares Across the Border 2UL 1962-03-03 2001-10-23
Cashmere Pine Squares Across the Border 1UR 1964-03-05 1995-07-29
Chris Duclos Squares Across the Border 2UL
Christine Bawden-Tutte Squares Across the Border 3UR 1953-06-?? 2005-01-29
Dave Boyack Squares Across the Border 4UL Seattle 2018 1954-02-03 2017-10-17
David Krause Squares Across the Border 3UL
David Wooley Squares Across the Border 1UL San Francisco 2013
Drew Morrison Squares Across the Border 1UR 1994-02-19
Elgin Hodgins Squares Across the Border 1UL
Finn Mollerup Squares Across the Border 1UL San Francisco 2013
Fred Lyons Squares Across the Border 1LR
Garnet MacDonald Squares Across the Border 2UL
Gary Jack Squares Across the Border 2LL 1994-07-21
Gib McAdams Squares Across the Border 2UL
Guy Maxwell Squares Across the Border 2UL
Jack Merritt Squares Across the Border 2UR
James (Schell) Squares Across the Border 2UR Denver 2007
Jamie Morrison Squares Across the Border 2LL 1959-09-28 1992-07-22
Jens Zokol Squares Across the Border 1UL
JP Slater Squares Across the Border 4UL Seattle 2018
Keith Snowdon Squares Across the Border 1UR 1953-04-28 1993-05-17
Kenneth Volk Squares Across the Border 2UR ????-02-02 1991-02-??
Kevin Dobson Squares Across the Border 1LL
Kevin Floen Squares Across the Border 1UL
Kevin (Thumper) Petrow Squares Across the Border 1LL 1989-03-30
Larry Gillis Squares Across the Border 2LL
Laurie Virr Squares Across the Border 1LR 1990-04-??
Lauro De Haan Squares Across the Border 1UR 1964-03-05 1995-07-29
Lee Andrews Squares Across the Border 1LL
Michael Phillips Squares Across the Border 3UR San Francisco 2013 1962-05-09 2012-05-05
Murray Lush Squares Across the Border 1UL 1945-06-25 1987-04-15
Myron Walters Squares Across the Border 2LR
Neil French Squares Across the Border 1LR
Ralph Blackmore Squares Across the Border 2UL
Randy Garska Squares Across the Border 2UR ????-07-18 1994-??-??
Richard Chaulk Squares Across the Border 2LR
Richard McGuiness Squares Across the Border 2LR
Rick Pettersen Squares Across the Border 2UR 1959?-10-30 1992-06-07
Robert Trudeau Squares Across the Border 1UL
Ron Deveson Squares Across the Border 2LL
Ross Desharnais Squares Across the Border 2LR
Susan Jaffe Squares Across the Border 1UL San Francisco 2013
Terence Verstraete Squares Across the Border 2UR
Terry Henney Squares Across the Border 2UR
William Trachtenberg Squares Across the Border 3UR
Lady Dye Star Thru 2LR
Carl Lacher Suncoast Squares 4UR Vancouver 2012
Chris Davies Suncoast Squares 4UR Toronto 2016
Jean Hawkes Suncoast Squares 4UR Toronto 2016
Jim Wright Suncoast Squares 4UR Vancouver 2012
John Leasar Suncoast Squares 4UR Seattle 2018 2017
Lizz Bien (Bippus) Suncoast Squares 4UR 1952-10-18 2011-05-05
Pat Phillips Suncoast Squares 4UR 2011
Ron Ellington Suncoast Squares 4UR Toronto 2016
Steve Vogelsang Suncoast Squares 4UR Toronto 2016
Dane (Cormac) T Squares 4UL
Peter Page Tech Squares 4LR St. Louis 2015 1946-06-11 2014-05-09
Alan Little Temple Squares 4UL
Bob Young Temple Squares 4UL
Ada DiScipio Times Squares 2LL
Adrian Pendragon Times Squares 2LR 1995-01-12
Alfie Hyatt Times Squares 2LL
Allan Laufer Times Squares 1LL 1958-10-06 1993-10-22
Amy Marcus Times Squares 4UL Toronto 2016 1955-03-29 2016-02-05
Antonio Corlito Times Squares 2LR 1946-11-13 1994-05-15
Arthur Whitehead Times Squares 2LR 1956-08-18 1990-01-15
Arturo (Maldonado) Times Squares 2LR Cleveland 2008 1945-11-26 2008-05-23
Bill Bylewski Times Squares 2UR St. Louis 2015 1961-07-18 2015-02-19
Bill Sanderson Times Squares 2UR 1962-06-12 1994-12-21
Bill Shattls Times Squares 2LR
Bill E Smith Times Squares 2UR
Bob Mann Times Squares 1UL 1951-01-29 1990-02-14
Bob Moran Times Squares 2UL
Bob Oskam Times Squares 1UL
Bruce Hawkins Times Squares 2UL 1987-03-01
Burt Berliner Times Squares 2LL 1944-04-25 1992-03-17
Cal Grogan Times Squares 2LL 1955-06-03 1995-09-17
Carl Bleiweiss Times Squares 1LL 1950-04-25 1990-04-28
Casper Noto Times Squares 2LR 1943-05-06 1993-01-15
Charles Hamilton Times Squares 1LR 1928-04-13 1993-01-04
Christiaan Kelly Times Squares 2UR 1987-09-04
Chuck Burgess Times Squares 1UR 1949-09-18 1990-10-29
Cliff Wright Times Squares 2UR 1953-06-20 1991-09-13
Danny Garvin Times Squares 2UR St. Louis 2015 1949-03-01 2014-12-09
David Gross Times Squares 2UR 1956-11-22 1992-08-17
David Mose Times Squares 2UL Vancouver 2012 2007-02-20
Donald Naso Times Squares 2UL 1955-02-28 1992-04-11
Doug Green Times Squares 2LL
Francis (Coffin) Times Squares 2UL 2004-09-15
Frank (Lenardoski) Times Squares 2UR Salt Lake City 2014
Fred Castro Times Squares 2UL 1947-06-27 1992-10-02
George Range Times Squares 3UL 1939-11-07 2004-05-15
Grant Willaman Times Squares 2UR Santa Clara 2005 1950-11-24 2005-04-24
Greg Atkinson Times Squares 2UR 1949-06-21 1990-09-24
Harold Gabel Times Squares 4UL Seattle 2018 1940-07-17 2017-08-11
Harry Gaeta Times Squares 1UL 1930-02-11 1992-07-01
Howard Braunstein Times Squares 1LL 1943-06-15 2001-08-19
Jack Freimann Times Squares 4UL Seattle 2018 1926-11-10 2018-01-03
James Shaffer Times Squares 2UL Denver 2007 1930-11-10 2005-01-06
Jeff Wallin Times Squares 2UR 1949-05-18 1994-04-15
Jerry Cunningham Times Squares 2UR 1948-12-26 1994-11-08
Joe Davis Times Squares 2UR San Francisco 2013
Joe Rubin Times Squares 1LR 1990-06-27
Joe DiSabato Times Squares 2LL 1947-07-10 1991-08-20
Joe Morek Times Squares 2UR 1953-08-07 1991-08-06
Joe Westcott Times Squares 2UL
Joey Caputo Times Squares 2UR St. Louis 2015 1946-12-25 2015-02-15
John Denaro Times Squares 1LL
John Personius Times Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
John-Lloyd Rice Times Squares 2LR 1962-08-06 1995-08-15
Ken Gardner Times Squares 2LR 1931-02-21 1994-09-19
Ken Pollack Times Squares 1UL 1953-08-17 1989-02-24
Ken Weisen Times Squares 2UL 1948-05-09 1994-11-28
Kevin Boyle Times Squares 1LR
Lance Paavola Times Squares 3UL 1950-10-14 1999-03-04
Larry Lee Times Squares 1UL
Larry Sauer Times Squares 1UL 1953-01-17 2003-02-20
Larry Weisen Times Squares 2UL 1953-11-20 1992-01-27
Lenny Kluk Times Squares 1LL 1936-09-15 1992-11-10
Mac McCarthy Times Squares 2UL Denver 2007 1929-04-02 2004-06-24
Madamoisoille Times Squares 2UL
Mario Zurita Times Squares 1LL 1954-07-30 1991-12-18
Mark Askew Times Squares 2LL 1957-01-30 1991-12-02
Matthew Getman Times Squares 1UR 1957-11-03 1990-10-15
Matthew Cooper Times Squares 2UL 1957-06-21 1993-04-14
Michael Chiusano Times Squares 1UL
Michael McKeon Times Squares 1UR 1961-02-06 2012-02-25
Nancy (Manheim) Times Squares 2UL Washington, DC 2009 1944-04-02 2008-11-08
Nivia Cruz Times Squares 4UL Seattle 2018 1940-11-01 2018-05-17
Owen Smith Times Squares 2LR
Patrick McFarland Times Squares 2UL Denver 2007 1949-12-24 2005-01-17
Paul Berne Times Squares 4UL Seattle 2018
Paul Marino Times Squares 2UL 1942-11-02 1996-06-11
Pauline Plummer Times Squares Not on Panels 1940-11-23 2018-08-23
Peter Rivera Times Squares 2LL 1991-06-09
Ray (Di Filipo) Times Squares 2LR
Richard Bearse Times Squares 2LR Phoenix 2004
Richard Smith Times Squares 2UL 1953-11-02 1996-03-09
Rick Diorio Times Squares 1LR 1926-02-25 1990-02-27
Rick Rockwell Times Squares 1LL 1946-05-08 1993-06-07
Sandy Moss Times Squares 2UR 1948-06-20 1986-02-13
Scott Hoffman Times Squares 2UR 1961-01-07 1994-03-07
Sheldon (Green) Times Squares 2UR Anaheim 2006 1944-07-12 1995-12-12
Sid (Tepper) Times Squares 2UR 1936-01-08 2011-06-30
Skip Rognlien Times Squares 2UL Seattle 2018 1934-11-01 2018-04-05
Tom Cook Times Squares 2LL
Tony Simonetti Times Squares 2LR 1938-05-03 1990-07-09
Wilson Edwards Times Squares 2UL
Yves Trillon Times Squares 2UL 1953-05-31 2001-05-13
Al Moss Tinseltown Squares 2LL
Arnie Pincus Tinseltown Squares 2LL Palm Springs 2017
Art (Knowles) Tinseltown Squares 4LR Seattle 2018
Bill Johnson Tinseltown Squares 2LL
Carol Lavin Tinseltown Squares 2LL
Daniel Howell Tinseltown Squares 2LL Palm Springs 2017
Ed Williams Tinseltown Squares 2LL Denver 2007
Jeffrey Noodleman Tinseltown Squares 2LL Denver 2007
Joe Weingel Tinseltown Squares 2LL Palm Springs 2017
Peter Page Tinseltown Squares 4LR St. Louis 2015 1946-06-11 2014-05-09
Rosie DelMar Tinseltown Squares 2LL Palm Springs 2017
Joe Weigel Trailblazers 2LL St. Louis 2015
Alan Dearnley Triangle Squares 2LL
Bruce Neilson Triangle Squares 2UL
Cameron Moosewah Triangle Squares 2UL San Francisco 2013 1971-10-22 2012-08-26
John Rutledge Triangle Squares 2LL
Matt Beach Triangle Squares 2UL St. Louis 2015 1972-05-04 2015-01-02
Paul (Kivisto) Triangle Squares 2UL St. Louis 2015 1965-05-28 2015-04-08
Reg (O’Brien) Triangle Squares 2UL Seattle 2018 1954-01-18 2017-10-28
Rick Monsos Triangle Squares 2UR
Alan F Hall Western Star Dancers 2LL 1943-01-10 1994-07-17
Bill Chenault Western Star Dancers 1LR 1941-05-31 1991-11-15
Bill Whitefield Western Star Dancers 3UR San Francisco 2013 1941-07-27 2013-06-12
Bob Bellville Western Star Dancers 1UR 1941-12-30 1990-04-10
Brian Porcher Western Star Dancers 1UR 1953-03-21 1995-03-04
Capelthwaite (Moran) Western Star Dancers 1LL 1954-08-08 1993-04-03
Carl Hammond Western Star Dancers 1LR 1944-08-24 1988-03-21
Carlos Mosca Western Star Dancers 3UR 1962-03-03 2001-10-23
Charles Prongos Western Star Dancers 1LL 1951-12-24 1994-01-15
Charles Thomas Western Star Dancers 1LL 1954-10-01 1994-07-03
Chris Anderson Western Star Dancers 1LL 1951-01-01 2001-02-25
Claude Kollman Western Star Dancers 1UL 1931-02-03 1989-05-20
Dan Druid Western Star Dancers 1UL 1949-10-09 1986-01-25
Darrell Anderson Western Star Dancers 1UL 1926-08-04 1989-05-05
David Lewis Western Star Dancers 1LR 1951-10-08 1990-08-24
Derek "BJ" Rainer Western Star Dancers 1LL 1956-01-17 1994-07-31
Eddie Smith Western Star Dancers 1LL 1952-08-24 1993-04-18
Gaby Archambault Western Star Dancers 1UR 1950-01-30 1988-09-27
Garrett Peter Western Star Dancers 1UL 1954-06-25 1992-01-20
Geno Gallardo Western Star Dancers 1UL 1965-08-27 2000-07-19
Harold Little Western Star Dancers 1UR 1961-08-10 2001-06-01
Harry Koga Western Star Dancers 1LL 1952-06-15 1994-09-23
Harry Ohira Western Star Dancers 1UL
Henry Shernoff Western Star Dancers 2LL 1941-12-08 1985-05-31
James Fowle Western Star Dancers 1UL 1937-07-08 1993-01-28
Jim Head Western Star Dancers 1LR 1949-09-12 1990-08-18
Jim Lansdowne Western Star Dancers 1LR 1989-06-19
Jim Norwood Western Star Dancers 1LR 1940-10-19 1994-10-23
Kip Mackey Western Star Dancers 3LR
Kurt Stutzman Western Star Dancers 1LL 1950-04-12 1987-01-08
Larry Haskins Western Star Dancers 1LL 1950-05-21 1991-06-24
Mark Nilson Western Star Dancers 1LL 1951-09-22 1991-11-21
Pat Haro Western Star Dancers 1LR 1948-09-03 1991-11-27
Paul Zimmermann Western Star Dancers 2UL 1947-11-10 1988-04-24
Ramon Smith Western Star Dancers 1LR ????-09-10 1987-12-02
Ray Hamilton Jr Western Star Dancers 2LR 1958-01-15 1994-07-17
Ric Wilson Western Star Dancers 1LR 1949-11-16 1992-11-15
Richard Clayberg Western Star Dancers 1LL 1933-09-22 1986-11-12
Richard Smith Western Star Dancers 1LR ????-01-07 1994-??-??
Rick May Western Star Dancers 3UR Cleveland 2008 1949-10-14 1999-02-04
Rod Cowboy (Morrell) Western Star Dancers 1LL 1944-05-27 1994-10-09
Ron Cohen Western Star Dancers 1LL 1950-12-28 1987-08-29
Steve Perry Western Star Dancers 1UR 1987-??-??
Steve Sartor Western Star Dancers 3UL 1956-10-27 1993-07-27
Tom Kernkamp Western Star Dancers 1LL 1949-06-27 1991-03-02
Babe Pobst Wilde Bunch 2LR
Bob Williamson Wilde Bunch 2LR
Bobby Brickey Wilde Bunch 2LR 1964-04-08 1993-03-04
Casey Scott Wilde Bunch 2LR St. Louis 2015
Craig Novak Wilde Bunch 2LR
Dalin Byrd Wilde Bunch 2LR Seattle 2018
Don Durham Wilde Bunch 2LR 1954-04-13 1992-02-26
Dottie Squires Wilde Bunch 2LR Denver 2007 1922-06-30 2006-09-20
Finn Rasmussen Wilde Bunch 2LR
Frank Grubbs Wilde Bunch 2LR St. Louis 2015 1922-06-12 2014-10-24
Gelen Hayes Wilde Bunch 2LR
Gene Baxter Wilde Bunch 2LR
Hank Wierzba Wilde Bunch 2LR 1952-06-25 1996-07-10
Jay Neiman Wilde Bunch 2LR 1950-12-19 1994-05-31
Jeff Lutz Wilde Bunch 2LR 1958-08-27 1989-06-17
John Giberson Wilde Bunch 2LR
JW Halford Wilde Bunch 2LR
Larry Peck Wilde Bunch 2LR
Lois Dickerman Wilde Bunch 2LR 1945-04-03 2008-01-05
Lou Suiter Wilde Bunch 2LR
Matthew Slatin Wilde Bunch 2LR 1959-12-17 1996-06-19
Peggy Cavett-Walden Wilde Bunch 2LR Salt Lake City 2014 1925-11-14 2013-12-09
Ron Smith Wilde Bunch 2LR
Rory Fogle Wilde Bunch 2LR
Steve Penrose Wilde Bunch 2LR
TJ Wilde Bunch 2LR