Ron Libby

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From the Program Book of the 10th IAGSDC Convention, held in Seattle, WA in 1993:
After discharge from the Navy Band, Ron went to Berkeley Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts to study music. Upon completion of school, Ron traveled throughout the United States and Canada. He has traveled with the U.S.O. tour and worked with the all new Woody Herman Band.

As a full time caller, Ron has been exciting dancers in just about everywhere.

Ron calls for his home clubs at Whirl-A-Way Barn, which is his own S/D hall, and records on his own label and also the Red Boot label. During his annual travels over 100,000 miles, he calls on about 15 major festivals, and is staff caller on over 20 S/D weekends. Ron and his wife Lorna live on their farm (Whirl-A-Way Acres) in West Falmouth, Maine, with their two boys Scott and Desi.

Those who have danced to Ron's calling, either at an open level dance, festival, or one of his weekends, realize why he 1s best known for his singing calls and the exciting way of expressing his choreography