Sandie Bryant

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I'm the one with the low voice

Quick Facts

Based in Chicago, IL.

Calls Mainstream through C4

Sandie's mentor was Swersie Norris, who made a name for herself calling for Chicago's square dance clubs in the African-American community. Every so often, a little piece of Swersie's vocabulary will fall out of Sandie's mouth, epsecially when she says "You got to know your definitions!"

Sandie's profile on

Good Twin or Evil Twin?

Sandie or Anne Uebelacker? you decide!

Is it Sandie or Saundra?

here's what Sandie wrote when asked which she prefers:

I prefer Sandie but my email is SaUndra because I can't get people to pronounce my name correctly. I HATE SANDRA. It is NOT my name and it bugs me that people CAN'T READ!!!!! My name is a part of my profession. If people can't spell it correctly or pronounce it correctly it burns me up. I have even had people try to "correct" the spelling of Saundra by omitting the U. It is MY NAME! You would think I would know how to spell it.

Just like Sandie is IE because it is the feminine spelling. There are lots of males named Sandy. Sander Vanocer was a famous announcer. Sandy Kofax was a baseball player. A lot of guys named Alexander are called Sandy. So since I am female, I spell it SANDIE.
That is the story of my name and please excuse my ranting.
Love ya,


Sandie calling Mainstream at DC Diamond Circulate 2009 [1]

Sandie and Anne calling at Crossfire XX [2]