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Anne Uebelacker with her medallion

What's a "medallion"? The IAGSDC® Medallion Project was created by Freeman Stamper to provide dancers with a straightforward, attainable goal to provide a sense of achievement in square dancing.

When you've attended 10 IAGSDC® Conventions (total, not consecutively), you are awarded a "Ten Year Medallion" in recognition of your support of and commitment to GLBT square dancing.

Similarly, when you've attended 20 conventions, you're awarded a "Twenty Year Medallion".

Each time you go to Convention, ask where the Medallion Project table is. At the Medallion Project table, you'll find a book with all of the attendee names. Find your name, and verify that the information about you is correct. (Especially your contact information!) Make any needed changes using an ink pen. Do this every year that you attend.

Rick Hawes, "Stepmother Medallion"

When you've attended ten conventions, you'll be notified by "Stepmother Medallion" - a position currently occupied by Rick Hawes - that you are eligible to receive your own medallion. (Hence the importance of updating your contact information.)

Medallions are awarded publicly at Convention, during opening ceremonies (20 Year Medallions) and following the Saturday night banquet (10 Year Medallions). There is usually a special dance tip for all medallion holders after the banquet.

According to Stepmother Medallion ... prior to the 2007 Convention, a total of 553 Ten Year and 49 Twenty Year Medallions have been handed out so far.