Tips on Power-Editing this wiki

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when I'm trying to research some historical info here are some tips...

I have all of the PDF files for SquareUp! and the Ten Year book local on my computer, so that I can perform a full text search on them to check for names, dates, events etc. (I use Adobe Acrobat Professional though Reader would probably do. On a Mac you could just use Preview).

Use google and to search for names and such...

Use the "internet wayback machine" at to find old versions of content, old club and convention web sites, etc.

Use the "What links here" link in the LH sidebar to see what pages refer to the current page... You may want to double check that those references are still correct/appropriate.

check Special pages > Wanted pages to see if there are missing pages, other [mis]spellings of names, places, events, etc.

use the Search button on the LH sidebar (rather than the "Go" button) to search for possible references to an item. It can help you find unlinked or mis-linked pages and references.

use the "Show preview" button before you commit your edits... it will help you find bad links, formatting, etc.