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[[File:2006 Anaheim WIsh Upon a Thar.gif|right]]
[[File:2006 Anaheim WIsh Upon a Thar.gif|right|350px]]
23rd Annual [[List of All IAGSDC Conventions|IAGSDC convention]]
23rd Annual [[List of All IAGSDC Conventions|IAGSDC convention]]
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[[media:2006Anaheim_program.pdf|Convention Program PDF]]
[[media:2006Anaheim_program.pdf|Convention Program]]
[[media:Wishful Thinking Volume 1.pdf|Newsletter v.1]]
[[media:Wishful Thinking Volume 2.pdf|Newsletter v.2]]
[[media:Wishful Thinking Vol 3.pdf|Newsletter v.3]]
===External Links===
*Convention website via [https://web.archive.org/web/20060616074118/http://www.wishuponathar.org:80/ archive.org]

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2006 Anaheim WIsh Upon a Thar.gif

23rd Annual IAGSDC convention

Dates: 30 Jun-03 Jul 2006

Location: Anaheim, CA, USA

Host hotel/venues: Anaheim Marriott

Hosting clubs: Bloomin’ Squares, Empire Squares, Golden State Squares, Shoreline Squares, Tinseltown Squares

Convention committee title: Spin The Mouse, Inc.

Convention committee members: Sherry Daniel, Nance Strout, Ben-Andy Hein, Martin Funches III, Harvey Soldan

Calling staff:

Trail-in dance: Mike DeSisto with Darren Gallina's band CROSSFIRE

Sound staff:

Vendor list:

  • Aron's SD & Western Wear
  • Cedarbrook Dance Shop
  • GSGRA-GLAC, Imagination Leisure Concepts
  • R & J Fial Badges
  • R & R Video
  • Square D Fashions

Fun Badge Tour stops and highlights:

Pre/Post convention events & tours:

Notable Notes and Highlights: anime convention running concurrently nearby, "fantasy ball"

Specialty Tips: (per convention program)

IAGSDC officers:

IAGSDC meeting notes:

Attendance: 934

Attending clubs:

Honky Tonk Queen winner: Wilma Titzgro

Golden Boot Award: presented to All Join Hands by Seth Levine

10 Year Medallions - Recipients: 58

20 Year Medallions - Recipients: 11


2006Anaheim cloisonne.jpg

Convention Program

Newsletter v.1

Newsletter v.2

Newsletter v.3

External Links