Andy Finch


From the Program Book of the 14th IAGSDC Convention, held in Las Vegas, NV in 1997:
Andy first learned to square dance in Puerto Rico, where he met his wife of 24 years, Cory, in 1971. He dropped out of dancing in 1973 and Andy and Cory stepped back into the activity in 1982. After dancing a couple of years, Andy took a dare from his family and entered a Square Dance Amateur night in Las Vegas, lived through it and the rest as they say in the business, is history. He enrolled in a 1ocal callers school, attended a national level callers college with Bill Peters and Bill Davis, spent a year apprenticing under one of the best in the area, Dennis Egan. Stepping out on his own in 1984. A Callerlab member since 1986, Andy's programs in the Las Vegas area have proven to be very popular and successful, ranging from Beginners through A-2, four to five nights a week, with week-end engagements throughout the southwest, with festivals, cruises, and vacation calling trips back east. All this plus holding down a full time job in Las Vegas. One of Andy's goals in his calling career is to go national, and eventually take on a recording contract. Fun is the name of the game when Andy gets on the mike. Smooth choreography means a lot, music is a must, TRUST ME! Let's Dance!