Arturo Maldonado


Arturo Maldanado
26 Nov 1945 - 23 May 2008
Times Squares


Never thought I’d ever write an article like this, but a muse of inspiration visited me. His name was Arturo. Who’s Arturo? Well let me back up a little. Over the last few months I have been serving as co-Archangel for the 2007-2008 Mainstream class. There are usually a lot of new students and it is difficult to get to know them all. Generally it takes years before someone becomes imprinted on the membership. Most students are quiet and unassuming and one such student was Arturo Maldonado.

Arturo passed away on Friday, May 23, 2008. Most of you will never get to know him. Sadly, neither will I. He was there nearly every Tuesday dancing the boy part, and I’ve been told he really enjoyed and looked forward to learning Mainstream on Tuesdays. It was his fortitude and resolve which is truly inspiring.

There will be a small ceremony at this year’s convention to remember those square dancers who have passed. It is currently scheduled for Friday, July 4, just after 5 pm. All are welcomed. For those who are interested, please contact me at 718-619-6096 and I will try to find out more information on the location of the ceremony at convention.

If you cannot attend, please take a moment of silence in their memory. —Papa Alan Willemssen[1]


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