Welcome to the IAGSDC History Wiki BETA!

We're calling this a "beta" because its existence hasn't yet been advertised to the outside world. If you're reading this page, you're probably one of our invited beta testers.

HOWEVER...even if you're NOT a beta tester, you're still welcome to start browsing through and using the wiki as-is. Just be aware that there are almost certainly rough edges and/or information gaps here and there. (And you get to help fill in the gaps!)

I suggest you start by clicking through the table of contents to check out some of the articles.

You are actively encouraged to place topic entries inside any section. So, for example, if you happen to have an itch to list out all of the fly-ins you've ever heard of, pop into the "Events" section and add those to the list to be filled out at a later date.

Questions? Email Allan Hurst, IAGSDC Junior Historian
(Because Karl Jaeckel is the Senior Historian.)

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