Chuck Burgess


Charles Erck Burgess
18 Sep 1949 - 29 Oct 1990
Times Squares

Chuck Burgess died October 29th in Newport Beach, California. Chuck was one of the original members of Times Squares, and was an avid square dancer. Chuck was very involved in many of the social aspects of square dancing, and could always be counted on to liven things up at our socials. He attended last year’s IAGSDC Convention in spite of the fact that he was quite ill; he did not want to miss the dancing. We will miss his enthusiasm and friendship.[1]


Dear Times Squares:

I know it's been a long time since any of you has heard from me, and I apologize for that. As you may know, I moved to California to get away from the cold and congestion of New York. Also, my family is out here, and I decided it would be wise to be close to them for reasons I don't have to explain.

It has taken an awful lot out of me to make the transition. I have a lovely, huge one-bedroom apartment in Laguna Hills, about 3 miles inland from Laguna Beach. I also have a little car, a Hyundai, to get around in. Yet on the other hand, I've been sick an awful lot since coming here; I've spent five weeks in the hospital.

Fortunately, I'm doing a good bit better now, but I'm really forced to do things slowly. I guess that just proves what a real "New Yorker" I had become during my time there. And, I do miss New York terribly, despite what I may have said about it before I left.

Up until now I've not had the opportunity to look up the Orange County square dance group, but will do so soon, just as soon as I'm feeling a little better. I need that kind of outlet as I really don't know anyone out here, and it gets kind of lonely sometimes. I really regret not having come to club more often before I left, but generally I just didn't have the energy. Now I realize how important and energizing dancing can be, and hope to pick it up soon.

I would love to hear from any of you, or I would be glad to put anyone up who happens to be out this way. My address is: 23511 Aliso Creek Rd. #155 Laguna Hills, CA 92656 telephone: (714) 831-8811

Unfortunately, I won't be coming to the fly-in in October, but maybe I'll see some of you at west coast events.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Love to all,


Dear Mr. Chickering:

My brother, Charles E. Burgess, passed away on October 29, 1990.

I felt especially happy when I read his letter which was published in the November issue. It was like a gift to receive another communication from Chuck after his death.

Chuck really enjoyed the Time Squares group. And so did I as well as my mother, as Chuck took us to the weekly dances when we visited him in New York.

Chuck enjoyed a couple of good months out here after his move. He was enrolled in a watercolor class and a drawing class. He was active in his church, the Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church in Anaheim, with various support groups through the Laguna Shanti and the AIDS Services Foundation programs.

I would appreciate it if you would let the Times Squares know of Chuck’s passing.

Marilyn B Holland[3]


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