Dave Rensberger


From the Program Book of the 23rd IAGSDC Convention, held in Anaheim, CA in 2006:
I started calling half way through my beginner's class in Ventura California in 1975. The rest of the class members still deny that they pressured Jon Hed, the instructor, to find a way to limit the potential chaos that seemed to erupt in squares I participated in during the learning process. Jon suggested that if they supported my efforts at calling they could put off shopping for better liability insurance a little longer.

I moved to Idaho soon after for reasons best left unstated as it isn't quite clear if the statute of limitations has yet expired. After six months I was proclaimed by the local clubs to be the finest caller in the central southern lower middle area of the state, the other caller having recently moved back to Nevada.

I returned to Southern California in 1977, thawed out in early 1978 and resumed calling and teaching for local clubs in what became a relentlessly repeating pattern for the next 27 years. In the course of this process I taught sixty two beginners classes, legions of workshops, and more party nights and open dances than it would be decent to recall. In 1997 I was asked to help establish a new Gay/Lesbian/Transsexual Club in Long Beach California as an instructor. I was honored and intrigued by the new community it would expose to the activity and the chance to open up new avenues for myself as a caller. For the next seven years Shoreline Squares and I grew as a team, as individuals, and as family.