Dave Wall

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Dave Wall
27 Feb ???? - 06 Jun 2021
Boots in Squares

Dave had symptoms of 'something' several years ago, which turned out to be myasthenia gravis. He was still dancing though until at least a couple of months before COVID19 hit. In the past year, that disease started its ravaging progression, but even worse was dementia, which I think was diagnosed as Lewy Body Dementia. His niece posted updates on her page, but tagged Dave, so we were able to see him. He had been in a long-term care facility for a number of months, and had quite the beard and shaggy hair more recently, but was bed bound, of course.

Dave in happier times was a very enthusiastic square dancer and a country western dancer. Not a tall or heavy person, he was a great follow in c/w. Richard Gamache and he had become quite close friends in the past few years, and I believe they were a couple for quite a while. Richard was/is also a square dancer and social dancer.
Unknown at this point of memorial or celebration of life.
Bill Eyler