David Mee


From the Program Book of the 23rd IAGSDC Convention, held in Anaheim, CA in 2006:
David and his wife Dawn live in Grand Terrace, California along with their three wonderful children Denise, Debbie and Danielle. We should also mention Brandy, a well-trained Golden Retriever and Jessie, a not-so-well trained Beagle.

David has been calling for over 24 years. He began calling originally in 1975 at the age of 11; however, he did not fully pursue the calling profession until 1980. Since that time David has become a very popular, well liked and highly sought after caller. Known for his playful yet professional style he calls for dances throughout the west. He has also called internationally in several countries including Denmark, Sweden and China. David calls and teaches all levels from Basic to A-2.

In addition to his square dance calling, David is the Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis for the Corporate Offices of a major international church. He also sings and plplays the piano for the band at his local church in Riverside, California. For more about David, visit his website: www.dancewithmee.com