Desirey Benavides


From the Program Book of the 20th IAGSDC Convention, held in San Diego, CA in 2003:
Desirey has been square dancing since 1981 and began calling in 1993.At the present time she calls mainly for the straight community and the handicapable square dancers. Desirey has called twice as a staff caller for Pass the Sea.

Desirey was the 1999-2000 Empress of the International Imperial Court of Long Beach, Inc., and in 2002-2003 she was the 29th Empress of Orange County Imperial Court, Inc. Can't you tell from the crown?

When she was Rey, Desirey married a wonderful woman, Janet, whom some of you know from Pass the Sea and other Southern California dances. In 2001 Desirey officially changed her name and in 2002 had her surgery.