Doug Titus


Doug Titus
??? 1947 - ?? Apr 2016
Puddletown Squares Memorial panel 3LL


I was glad that I attended the Memorial Service for Doug Titus, which was held at Gift of Grace Lutheran Church in Wallingford on Saturday, August 13th, which was a beautiful sunny day.

Doug and I had been friends for over 25 years, and since we were both Car Lovers we attended many functions of the defunct Ethyl Forever Car Club of which we both were members and of which Doug had once been the president. Ethyl Forever had been one of the original and oldest gay car clubs in the country.

Doug was a very friendly and outgoing person who always had a ready smile and something pleasant to say when he saw you. Every year he held his wonderful 12th Night Post-Christmas Party at his home in West Seattle, to which I was always invited and received an invitation and which I often attended.

I was happy to have seen Doug again this June at the annual Gay Pride Parade in downtown Seattle, which is one of the largest parades held in the city. However, this year he was not driving one of his convertibles, but instead he was walking, which was a bit surprising and unusual. And, since I was standing right at the metal barricade on the 4th Avenue parade route he saw me and came over to say hello and shake my hand. Needless to say, I was happy to have seen him so recently, although briefly, which was just a couple of weeks before he died, but I thought at the time that he did not look very well.

His Memorial Service was quite well-attended and several people, including myself, stood up and spoke about their memories of Doug. The service was conducted by Pastor Sharon Busch, who spoke highly of Doug and recounted many of his achievements in life, as well as his love of old cars, especially his fondness for Corvairs.

After the hour-long service we were invited to a reception in the basement of the church where we were treated to tasty foods and beverages, and where it was more than 10 degrees cooler than in the sanctuary upstairs which unfortunately was not air-conditioned and where the temperature was a very uncomfortable 86 degrees.

I was very impressed with the two beautiful bouquets of flowers in memory of Doug, which were a gift from George Bakon, the editor of the Seattle Gay News. Those who knew Doug will certainly miss him, as he was a wonderful person who was always pleasant, cheerful, and fun to be with. May He Rest in Peace.

- written by his friend George Bakan (editor of the Seattle Gay News)