Gold Rush


Location: San Francisco, CA, USA


Started: 1986

Admitted to IAGSDC: 22 Aug 1986 as Associate Member

Status: Folded, 1997

History: Gold Rush was a square dance performance team based in San Francisco from 1986 until 1997. They performed high-energy singing calls and were known for high-precision, highly choreographed numbers. The numbers were painstakingly rehearsed. The group created its own choreography, calling, and costuming. The final performance was at Wheel & Deal in Las Vegas in 1997.

Gold Rush performed at IAGSDC conventions, gay rodeos, and fund raisers for various organizations.

The Official Biography (1996)

Gold Rush was formed in March of 1986, as a performance/exhibition team composed of members from local square dance clubs. The team blends together different styles of square dancing with country-western dance; and often has a surprise of two in store for the audience.

Gold Rush has given exciting performances throughout California, and has appeared at IAGSDC (Square Dance) Conventions in Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Albuquerque, Miami, Vancouver, and New York; and at Gay Rodeos in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Reno.

Many clubs and organizations have hosted "Learn to Square Dance" nights featuring Gold Rush. The team does not accept money for these events; but asks the host to make a donation to various Bay Area AIDS ofganizations: including Project OpenHand and Rita Rockets' Sunday Brunches on Ward 5A.

GOLD RUSH is.....
....A family that has laughed together over forgotten calls and miscues.
....A family that has dried together with the loss of nine members to AIDS
....A team that has a lot of FUN with the "Specialty" numbers they perform
....Always looking for new members who enjoy dancing and interacting with others
....An Associate Member of the Int'l Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs
....A Member of the Int'l Assoc. of Gay & Lesbian Country/Western Dance

Monte Roush is a good contact along with Corky Bolin (

More Gold Rush pics on Flickr Gold Rush pics on Flickr Can anyone identify which rodeo and which convention the pics where taken at?

At later dates other members included: Howard Neckel, Andy Shore, Loren Almedia, Jonathan Domash, Jeff Smith, Eddie Smith, Bill Whitefield, Monte Roush, Don Greco, Max, Rick Wheeler, and others.

Original Members of Gold Rush : Back Row : Don Morton, Mike Abling, Randy Clarke, Darryl Beach, Chris Bolton. Front Row : Gerry Panzica, Tommy Ganger, Terry Presley, Mike Hoban, Debbie Fitzpatrick, Stephen Tripp, Calvin Townsend. Not Pictured : Howard Nickel, Joe Frazier, Mark Frey. From Monte Roush on facebook (Nov 22/15)