Jack Borgström


From the Program Book of the 23rd IAGSDC Convention, held in Anaheim, CA in 2006:
Jack started calling in 1983 in his hometown of Orebro, Sweden where he learned his first Do Si Do steps in 1980. He called club nights and classes for a couple of years and then he moved to Grodinge (a town 15 miles south of Stockholm) where he started calling for the Grodinge Square Dancers.

Jack calls through C2, and has been calling C-Level dances for the Coordin8s in Stockholm for 7 years. Jack enjoys the basics and mainstream as well as the higher levels. He has been one of the staff callers at Boda Baden -a Square Dancing resort in Sweden since they started back in 1984. He is also proud of being a staff caller at Sting Records.

Jack has traveled around the world a couple of time thanks to Square Dancing and has enjoyed calling in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria and the U.S.A. Jack says Square Dancing is a wonderful activity and he believes that he would not be where he is today without it. He is a member of Callerlab. Jack wants to thank all the dancers that have attended his dances throughout the years -without them the caller is nothing.