Joe Uebelacker


From the Program Book of the 8th IAGSDC Convention, held in Miami, FL in 1991:
Joe Uebelacker, club caller for Triangle Squares in Toronto, Canada has been calling for 25 years throughout North America and the South Pacific. Thirty-seven states, seven provinces, and a number of foreign countries later finds Joe heavily involved with many adjuncts to the S/D activity such as: recording artist for Grenn Records, author of new calls, publisher of Canada's only caller note service with world-wide subscriptions, producer of two-couple teach tapes through C3 level, and caller coach-teacher.

Joe calls all levels from beginner through C4 and although well-known for his interesting and challenging patter material, many dancers remember the "Yodeling" singing calls best.

When not behind the microphone, Joe enjoys motorcycling, cross-country skiing, photography, woodworking and music performance.

Family life keeps Joe on his toes with three grown daughters, two granddaughters and five-year old-son, Todd.

This is the fourth IAGSDC Convention Joe has been associated with and the the third year he has conducted the convention caller school.