Layona Davenport


Winner of the 1990 Honky Tonk Queen contest.

Layona and her court

1990 Vancouver
The Dark Clouds Begin To Gather.

Unlike her predecessors, Tami did not have the good graces to stay away. Not only did she show up, SHE TOOK CHARGE OF THE MICROPHONE !!!!!!!!!. The little bitch was disgusting. By imitating my style, my glamour, my every little nuance, she managed to pull the whole thing off. Oh sure I was there. I was still everyone’s best wet dream, but it just wasn’t the same. And of course Miss Wella - the doctor says I’ll be better any day now - Balsam was there. AND THEY MADE HER A PRINCESS !!!!!!!! And something about Virginia Ham, which I thought was a part of the catering. Obviously the whole pageant was going to HELL IN A HAND-BASKET !!!!!!!! And to make matters worse everywhere I turned I saw Stephanie with him, Terry Presley, my wicked, evil twin brother. They were everywhere, head to head, plotting, scheming, but what would be the result of their devious plans, WHAT!!!!! The strain was getting to me!!!!!

Oh yeah Layona Davenport won the contest. She had heard that it helped your chances if you slept with the judges, and since she didn’t know who the judges were, she slept with everybody who attended the convention."[1]