Paul Perrotta remembers:

I didn't know Lois/Mike very well at all.

At one of the recent conventions (DC? Denver?), Lois and Tami and Lou Menaria sat at my table during the banquet. We were way in the back of the room. The girls arrived in full makeup (all those colors!) and hair, with cocktails, and sat down for a normal dinner - you know, like you do. Lois sat next to me.

I have never, ever in my life laughed as hard or as long as I did then. Not only were the ladies - and I use that term as loosely as I possibly can - on a roll, but Mike made little comments under his breath that I'm sure only I could hear: comments about the other two ladies, comments about the food, comments about that outfit...

At one point Mike opened his purse to reapply. It was an impressive collection of cosmetics! When I told him so, he just stared at me for a moment. "Hon, this is the travel bag when I don't have my main makeup with me. Here, have some." I had to decline because that part of the spectrum wasn't my colors.

I'm very sad to hear of his passing.