Max Robb


Max Bentley Robb
31 Oct 1942 - 15 Aug 1995
Gold Rush Memorial Panel 1UR
Western Star Dancers

Max Bentley Robb
BIRTH 31 Oct 1942
DEATH 15 Aug 1995 (aged 52)
BURIAL Parowan City Cemetery
Parowan, Iron County, Utah, USA
PLOT 20-19-02

Memories of Gold Rush

by Joe Sobiesiak circa 1996
MAX ROBB is the latest one we've lost. Max and I started in the same Western Star class and were asked to join Gold Rush together. Max was a lot of fun. He would be one of our drivers on trips, and boy, when he drove you held on for dear life. Not saying he wasn't a good driver, but he just felt he was the only one on the road. When I first moved to The City, I wasn't working much and Max tried to help me. I worked with him at Podesto's, at the Macy's Spring Flower Show, and on Macy's Christmas decorations. I felt he was always looking out for me and I met a lot of nice people through him. We shared many great memories of Rodeos, Convention, Class and Work together. On his last three birthdays, his friend Alice would rent a limo, and we would all go out to dinner and hit the town. Those were very special times Max, thank you for all you've done for me!