Max Robb


Max Robb
31 Oct 1942 - 15 Aug 1995
Gold Rush Memorial Panel 1UR
Western Star Dancers

Memories of Gold Rush

by Joe Sobiesiak circa 1996
MAX ROBB is the latest one we've lost. Max and I started in the same Western Star class and were asked to join Gold Rush together. Max was a lot of fun. He would be one of our drivers on trips, and boy, when he drove you held on for dear life. Not saying he wasn't a good driver, but he just felt he was the only one on the road. When I first moved to The City, I wasn't working much and Max tried to help me. I worked with him at Podesto's, at the Macy's Spring Flower Show, and on Macy's Christmas decorations. I felt he was always looking out for me and I met a lot of nice people through him. We shared many great memories of Rodeos, Convention, Class and Work together. On his last three birthdays, his friend Alice would rent a limo, and we would all go out to dinner and hit the town. Those were very special times Max, thank you for all you've done for me!