Michael Weyand


Michael C Weyand
aka Mikie Pearl
30 Nov 1950 - 12 Feb 2016
Times Squares Memorial Panel 4UL


At Christmas time, some of the men dressed in drag. One of the newer dancers, Mickey Pearl, was dressed up like Minnie Pearl. He looked just like her, except for the mustache. He had on the little hat with the price tag hanging down in front. His dress was the typical country ladies dress. The skirt was black and the blouse was white cotton with a round neck bordered with lace over ample bosoms. Over that was a red and white checkered apron with a bib front. The shoes were flats with ankle socks. Mickey Pearl was a typical picture of rural life at its best. — Doris Nixon[1]

Hello. I'm Peggy Weyand. My brother Michael Weyand (also known as Flatiron Mike) died last week. His body was found Monday morning in his apartment. He died of natural causes.

As Michael's only surviving family member, I will be driving up to NYC on Monday morning to tend to his affairs. Michael died without a will or life insurance. I am not financially prepared for the expense of his cremation or the cost of travel. There will also be several filing fees that will need to be paid so I can disburse his belongings appropriately and finish his affairs.

While my brother may have a little money tucked away, I have no way of knowing how much, if any, or access to it. The NYC Medical Examiner's office will hold his body for 2 weeks beginning February 8. They did say they would try to work with me if necessary, but there is no guarantee there will be space to keep him longer. After that, the City will bury him in a common grave.

Obviously I can't think about the latter.

I have found a funeral home that will take care of his cremation for $1,000. I have calculated the filing fees could run between $100-$150, and my travel (I'll be staying with a friend) could run around $500-600. I currently have $250 of my own.

I'm not in a position to borrow the money as I can't pay it back at this time. I'm coming to you, my friends and friends of Michael's, to ask for help. Should any money be left over, it will go towards the memorial we plan to have in NYC later this year. Should anything be left after that, it will go to one of Michael's favorite charities.

Thank you for your consideration. Prayers and positive thoughts are also very much appreciated as well[2]




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