Over the wall


An informal award started by Portland, OR area clubs for the first club member to "get lucky" with a person from outside of their club during Convention.

The rules:

  • 1. Has to happen 'after the conclusion of the first tip at the trail-in.
  • 2. Has to be someone not from your club.
  • 3. Cannot be someone that you've already played with.

The winner received a dangle saying "Over The Wall (year)", while their partner received a dangle saying "The Wall (year)".

At the club photo, it would be determined who would be the first one to get laid.

It is believed that "Joel & David" started this tradition at the Vancouver 1990 Northstar Promenade convention.

To date, only one person has been "The Wall" twice. According to Rick Hawes, that person was Dave Decot.