Randy Clarke-Ianiero

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Randy Clarke-Ianiero

Boots in Squares
El Camino Reelers
Foggy City Dancers
Foggy City Performance Team
Gold Rush
Heads to the Center
Midnight Squares
Running Bear Squares
Stanford Quads
Top Cats
Western Star Dancers
Windmill Twirlers
Received 10 Year Medallion at Track II Chicago in 1995
Received 20 Year Medallion at Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy in 2005
Received 25 Year Medallion at Gone With The Windmill in 2011
Received 30 Year Medallion at Palm Springs Swing & Mix 2017 in 2017
Served on the IAGSDC Executive Committee as Vice Chair, 1994-1995

Randy Clarke-Ianiero began square dancing in his youth. He joined Foggy City Dancers in San Francisco and attended his first convention Star Thru The Golden Gate in 1986.

He has served as convention co-chair of Stars, Thars & Cable Cars 1996, Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy 2005, Palm Springs Swing & Mix 2017.

Golden Boot Award

In 2006, Seth Levine presented All Join Hands, respresented by board members Randy, Gordon Macaw, Greg Wilson, and Gary Dougan, with the Golden Boot Award.
In 2007, Gordon, on behalf of AJH, presented the award to Scott Philips.