Richard Kirby


Richard Edward Kirby
25 Nov 1972 - 07 Mar 2021
Oaktown 8's


Richard Edward Kirby (He never used his middle name, but I loved it) and I were members of the Oaktown 8's. In 2018 we were forced out of our San Leandro home, and moved to Petaluma in November of that year. Richard and I danced with other clubs, but Oaktown is the only IAGSDC club.

On Independence Day in 2019, Richard was diagnosed with cancer and he died from complications on March 7, 2021. Richard attended the Toronto and Palm Springs conventions. I hope to pin his badge to the memorial quilt in Minneapolis 2022. We were only together for just over six (6) years, married for not quite three (3). He was the love of my life.

Memorial service and square dance to be held September 11, 2021, in Petaluma, CA.
Jim Blaine

I met Richard on OK Cupid and that was the photo he posted. It was quite small on the website, and I thought he looked a bit like a petulant child. I changed my mind when I saw him. however, that photo is my favorite of him. I have no idea when he took it. We met 01/11/2015, so it was before that date. I know that it was taken in San Jose near his home at that time.

The photo on the poster was taken by my dear friend Tony Durante. He presided at our wedding and it is a photo from our wedding on 05/27/2018. The other photos are mine.
Jim Blaine