Rocket City Rainbow Squares


Location: Huntsville, AL, USA

Started: 1991

Admitted to IAGSDC: 02 Jul 1993 as Full Member

Status: Folded, 2002

History: Founded by David Roberts, Gus Gustafson

Taken from SquareUp! issue no.5:
When and How the Club was Founded
A temporary transplant from Seattle, Gus Gustafson, told David Roberts about gay square dancing. David went to the '91 Miami convention and was so inspired, he and Gus started a group called the WhoSoEver Squares. It soon dissolved and reformed as the Rocket City Rainbow Squares.

Why Rocket City?'
"NASA has a large installation here and participates in the design and testing of everything from the Saturn 5 to the Space Shuttle and Space Station." Huntsville is also home to "Earth's Largest Space Museum."

Classes: Basic through Plus

Club Caller[s]: David Roberts, Paul Place, Bob Christian, Clara Welch

Levels: Mainstream, Plus

Dance Location[s]: Westside Community Center, Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville

Fly-Ins Hosted:

Conventions Hosted: