Susan Cox

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Susan Frances Cox
29 Apr 1956 - 06 Nov 2020
Triangle Squares
Attended GCA Caller School in 2012


Born and educated in Ottawa, Susan came to Toronto in her twenties as a freelance transcriber for television and theatre.

Susan joined Triangle Squares in 2002, the year of our first IAGSDC convention in Toronto. As was her nature, she jumped right in how and where she could, helping with the women’s hospitality suite. Wanting to be a good dancer, she studied and worked through the Taminations app. With time, she became interested in calling and attended Joe Uebelacker’s calling school in 2011. A year later at the Vancouver convention, Susan participated in the GCA caller’s school. Both Joe and Barry Clasper gave her mic time during classes, and for a while she regularly taught the plus class. Her 10th IAGSDC convention was to be this past summer in Denver.

In addition to dancing and calling, Susan served on the Triangle Squares steering committee as president and webmaster for several years. At classes, club dances, and fly-ins she was usually the first one in to help set up and the last one out after taking down. Susan probably spend more evenings angeling than anyone else in the club, and she offered free workshops in the summers to keep our dancing brains ticking and our dancing feet kicking. At our second Toronto convention in 2016 Susan pulled a rabbit out of her hat to make sure the flooring was in place and completed on time. For this and her other work in our club, she received the Silver Triangle Award. Susan was also active in the Toronto & District Square and Round Dancing (T&D) community. This past spring she received the T&D merit award for her outstanding service to promote the well-being of the club and square and round dance activities.

When she was not calling, dancing or volunteering, Susan was busy with work at the Ontario Legislature. In 2007 Susan started working as a transcriber for Hansard. Her love of the English language, for correct usage thereof, and for meticulous attention to detail made Susan perfectly suited to the task. She truly loved her job and her colleagues there. After being promoted in 2017, she wasn’t able to attend dance classes regularly any more, but we still saw her at club dances, T&D dances, fly-ins and convention.

Susan enjoyed the old adage “there is more to life than square dancing, but not much more,” but in fact, there was so much more to Susan. Perhaps you remember her Hawaiian shirts, colourful skirts, and crazy socks. Or you may remember the gourmet veggie dishes she brought to potlucks. Perhaps you were part of her escape room adventures with team “Vesta Bule”. Or you may remember her wicked, dry sense of humour. Yes, Susan loved square dancing, and so much more.

In February 2020, Susan was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She underwent chemotherapy at Princess Margaret Hospital knowing that it was not curative but to slow the advance of the illness. Susan passed away peacefully at home Friday November 6, 2020, in the presence of her beloved cousin Andrea Broadley.

When we are able to dance again, let’s save a spot in our square for Susan.
Anda Avens, Marge Coahran, Colleen Dodds

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COX, Susan Frances April 29, 1956 - November 6, 2020
Legislative Assembly of Ontario Hansard Editor
Susan is survived by her brother, Kevin Cox and and sister, Patricia Bachand, and many cousins and friends from around the world. Susan died peacefully, through medical assistance in dying, after being diagnosed with incurable cancer in the spring of this year. Her love of the English language, and her meticulous attention to detail made Susan perfectly suited to her job as a Hansard Editor. She truly loved her job and her colleagues there. There were so many other things Susan loved about her life. Playing escape games with her beloved "Team Vesta Bule". Square-dancing with her great friends from Triangle Squares Toronto and and others from around the world. Zooming and phone calls with long-time friends and family during the pandemic. Olive and Mabel and Andrew Cotter. Colourful socks. A good kitchen tool. Her cats. Susan was very sad to die at only 64, but met death with her wicked sense of humour. Not afraid. So brave. And so pleased she could die on her own terms. If you wish, you can honour Susan by writing to your MP in support of the proposed legislative changes to medical assistance in dying. Susan believed that those with a firm intent to use MAID should not lose their right to do so should they lose capacity for final consent before MAID can be provided. A lover of science, Susan has donated her body to the U of T willed body program. No celebration can be planned at this time. Please contact Susan's family through for further updates on a future celebration of Susan's life. [1]


When Reg and I were looking for a new hobby back in 2013, Reg reached out to Susan to find out about square dancing as we thought it might be something that we would enjoy. As Reg was wont to do, he called Susan quite a few times with a multitude of questions. Susan was extremely patient and encouraging. Thursday evenings became the highlight of our week as we drove into the city to Triangle Squares. For us, Susan was Triangle Squares as she always greeted us warmly and made us feel that the evening would have been incomplete without us.
Dancing with her was lovely because she had cues that would help get me into the right place in the square. It was a gentle squeeze of the hand and I would know that we were almost home. Teaching styling was her thing as I learned the audio cues that made square dancing easier. Susan listened to us patiently as we expressed our concerns about the other square dance club we belonged to. She had suggestions on helping us to move the club forward. She shared her hearing assist products with us.
Generosity and kindness don’t begin to describe Susan. During the latter days of Reg’s illness, she reached out to make sure that I was okay. She and Colleen gave us a photo of Reg and I taken at one of the dances, which I keep on my desk.
Susan and I chatted a lot during the summer and fall of 2020. Our last conversation was November 5th about that guy south of the border (whom neither of us had much time for). She said I made her laugh and that brings me comfort. I didn’t know quite how ill Susan was and maybe that’s the way she wanted it.
What I do know is that Susan and Reg are having a few laughs together and she’s probably trying to explain for the 800th time how Spin-Chain-Through works. Bless you Susan. You blessed Reg and I with your friendship and love.
Anne Currie-O’Brien
February 5, 2020

One of my favourite memories of Susan is dancing with her at the closing tip at Chi-Town Shakedown, her first IAGSDC Convention. She could not wipe the era-to-ear grin off her face as she realized how much fun an IAGSDC Convention is.
Pam Clasper

From facebook

We're mourning the death of Susan Cox, long-time member and supporter extraordinaire of Triangle Squares.
Don Cheff, Triangle Squares co-President

My heart aches tonight. Today we said goodbye to someone who was a true friend to me and US to the end. Sue, thank you for all the square dances, the chats, the covid Zooms where we talked about life, you are forever in my heart. You are as true a friend as one could be, one of the best.
Josh Yoder

So sorry to hear this news. Susan was so welcoming when I first started to dance.
Charlotte Chaffey

This was shocking! She was a driving force of nature! So sad
Steve Sterritt

This is such sad news! Susan was a pillar of the Triangle Squares community. She was one of those people who always contributed more than her share. She was involved in so much, and inspired so many. I will miss her greatly.
Barry Clasper

Susan was also welcoming when I first started Square Dancing. and someone who always had a ear to listen to people. I'm going to miss her
Stephen Kelly

Triangle Squares won’t be the same without her
Terri Rothman

I have no words.
Moneesha Mehta

Lee and I send our deepest condolences. We are so sorry for your loss Colleen. Yellow rocks, from our hearts to yours.
Patrick Aubert

So sad to hear this. She was a lovely woman and will be missed. Thanks for letting us know.
Keltie Creed

These are very sad and totally unexpected news. I learned so much from her... she was a great a square dancer and teacher. It was always a pleasure to share a square with her. I will miss her very much
Jorge Velasquez

So sorry to hear of Sue's passing. She will be missed. 😪
Fred Harke Jr

Devastating news. She was such a sparkling part of the square dance community.
Guy Brassard

What a shock when I opened FB this morning! Over the years she became a true friend and confidente for me. She stayed with us every time she came to Summer Magic in Cornwall. Will miss our long conversation into the night after everyone retired to bed. The Canadian world of Square Dancing has lost an ardent advocate. I fondly remember her sexy colourful socks.
Roger Frappier

Yes what a shock. Josh thanks for advising us., sorry for your loss. Like Roger said , yes she stayed several times at our big house after the Summer Magic weekends. We had great time with her. I enjoyed dancing with her. I will miss her a lot. Her and Roger always compared their colourful socks, and they would tell each other’s where they bought them. She was a truly magnificent person.
Jules Bazinet

Dear Colleen, Such sad news... our deepest condolences 💐.
Susan was the sunlight where she went. I loved her attitude and knowledge.
„Don’t cry for the lost days- remember the good ones and smile about those memories“
Silke Heunisch

My friend. I always made the point of several dances with Susan whenever we were at the same event. It was awesome to see her at the Ottawa Date Squares virtual fly in event in September. So very happy that our journeys connected multiple times over the years. 💕
Larry White

Sad news from Toronto Triangle Squares....Susan Cox has died of cancer, diagnosed earlier this year. She was always very supportive of our club and its activities. We'll miss her enthusiasm, and her sock choices! The Triangle Squares FB site has a nice summary of her life and contributions.
Guy Brassard

She was always fun to dance with in a square. May she Rest In Peace. Condolences to her family. ❤️
Diane Coughlin Campsall


I only met Susan via the telephone a few times. We were connected as we are both cancer patients. During the COVID lockdown, we patients cannot meet fellow patients, so her helpful hints for navigating the PHN system were of great interest and help to me. Susan was generous in giving her time, but it was her indominable spirit that energized me the most. Although a brief aquaintence, she shone a light on my darkest days. I share my loss with all who knew her. God speed you, Susan.
Sonja Kokal, Friend

I have so many cherished memories of Susan. Yes, a lot of them revolve around escape games! I believe our team, Vesta Bule, has played over 30, at least. But some of the most fun games were those that Susan created herself and brought to the office for us to play or beta-test, including a Zombie Pizza-pocalypse escape game. I remember playing many games over lunch hours, or staying late at the office to play a tabletop escape game, or the night after work when Susan and I, on the spur of the moment, went and played an escape game (ended up beta-testing it by accident!) that came up that very day. Susan taught me how to make bread. She believed everyone should know how. We went on a weekend road trip to Ottawa, along with another friend of ours, to see La Machine during Canada’s 150th. We went to Maker Festivals, farmers markets, all sorts of other adventures; we swapped shows to watch, books to read. It’s hard to express just how much joy and delight she derived from life and brought to all those around her. She was a caremonger! Whether it was gestures such as baking muffins for the office (every Thursday) or helping you figure out something in your life, always with wise advice, Susan made time for you and cared about you. I already miss her so much, and I only hope I can be a bit more like Susan in my life and just as good a friend to others.

The picture attached is of the last game Team Vesta Bule played with Susan via Zoom. She joked about probably being the first person to play an escape game while hooked up to an IV.
Elijah Fox, Friend

I knew Susan for many years as both a colleague and a dear friend. She brought out the best in me in both roles. Her exacting standards at work encouraged me to bring my best game to the job, and her fierce friendship truly made me a better friend. Susan was wickedly funny, and always so generous. Even on her most difficult days, she could find the dark humour in her situation, and she lightened the load of friends and family who were trying to share its burden. I simply cannot express my sense of loss at her passing, or my gratitude for the time I shared with her.
Sharon Wyatt Friend


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