Thomas Kaiser

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Tom Kaiser's caller profile can be found on [].

Currently, Tom lives Sacramento, CA. He is the club caller for three clubs in the greater Sacramento area.

Tom began square dancing as a member of Capital City Squares in 2004, and attended his first IAGSDC convention Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy in 2005. He did not dance for the next three years, but then returned to Capital City Squares and square dancing in 2008.

Tom attended his first GCA caller school in 2010 at the Chi-Town Shakedown IAGSDC convention. He enjoyed it so much that he attended the GCA caller schools at the next two IAGSDC conventions Gone With The Windmill and Dance Up A Storm.

Tom has called GCA slots at IAGSDC conventions every year since 2014. He also called a specialty tip (“Sexy at 60”) with Ett McAtee at the 2016 Maple Leafs Regroup IAGSDC convention in Toronto.

In 2013, Tom became club caller for Goldancers of Grass Valley, CA and continues to teach Basic, Mainstream, and Plus classes for them. In 2014, Tom became club caller for Good Vibrations of Marysville, CA and continues to teach Basic, Mainstream, Plus and A1 for them. In 2015, Tom became the second of two club callers for Capital City Squares of Sacramento, CA and continues to teach Basic, Mainstream, Plus, and Advanced for them.

In March 2016, Tom discovered the joys of round dancing. In November 2016, he started teaching and cuing Phase II and III round dance at two of his square dance clubs.

Tom is a member of CALLERLAB and the Gay Callers Association.