Touch A Quarter Century

2008 Cleveland Touch a Quarter Century.jpg

25th Annual IAGSDC convention

Dates: 03-06 Jul 2008

Location: Cleveland, OH, USA

Host hotel/venues: Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

Hosting club: Cleveland City Country Dancers

Convention committee title: Silver Squares, Inc.

Convention committee members: Stanley Kawecki, Earl Melvin, Michael Spayd, Kenny Hartwig, Nancy Hughes, John R. Johnson, Brian Keating, Mark McLoney, Jeff McPeak, Deb Sarver, Tom Voss

Calling staff:

Sound staff:

Vendor list:

  • Riverwood Photography

Fun Badge Tour stops and highlights:

Pre/Post convention events & tours:

Notable Notes and Highlights:

Specialty Tips: (per convention program)

IAGSDC officers:

IAGSDC meeting notes:

Attendance: 977

Attending clubs:

Honky Tonk Queen winner: Iona Doublewide

Golden Boot Award: presented to John Mckinstry by Scott Phillips

10 Year Medallions - Recipients: 43

20 Year Medallions - Recipients: 9

25 Year Medallions - Recipients: 10

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